On December 5, at the launch event of “LoMoStar 3.0” in Russia, Lemon Game, a blockchain game distribution platform, announced its acquisition of LoMoStar, an old-brand blockchain project. LoMoStar was founded in 2016, having more than 1.25 million active users worldwide and hundreds of business partners.

After this acquisition is completed, LoMoStar will provide a full range of help for Lemon Game, including technology, traffic and resources.

Anatolia, the founder of Lemon Game, said: “After the acquisition of LoMoStar, Lemon Game will see a qualitative leap in the blockchain games. In the future, Lemon Game will launch and interface with blockchain game projects in a full scale so as to build a global alliance of blockchain game guilds, and make Lemon Game into the “Steam” in the blockchain field, thus allowing users to better find, play, discuss and trade games.”


SOURCE Lemon Game


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