The manufacturing industry is living the 4th revolution, this time going digital. One of the key features that all this technological development allows are the Additive Manufacturing. It involves old and new technologies in constant evolution. However, through the combination with other technologies as blockchain in our case, further benefits are possible. Like production on demand, diminishing environmental impact, reduction in material usage, more freedom in design, lower weight in products, adaptability and shorter production times.

Previous experiments developed have brought extensive benefit to diverse groups. In the field of education, the AMAC affordable accordion for children, at individual size, sounds like its big brothers allowing to bring music education to places where it was not affordable. Now in winter, another good example is ENCLOSENS that offers home sensors that protect the electronic devices against environmental influences such as cold weather, ice, whilst adapting to different houses settings.

The AMable fourth Open Call is granting up to 450.000 € for SMEs in the Additive Manufacturing field. AMable is the European Commission initiative to clear the way for newest additive manufacturing technologies, enabling new products that generate new business models whilst saving production time, costs and wastes. Further, closing the tech gap of EU SMEs by creating a digital tool to provide unbiased access to the best European knowledge in 3D printing. In other words, democratising the access to the newest technologies to companies that otherwise would not be able to afford such services.

The applying SMEs have two options. Proposing “Feasibility Studies” (short time frame, low TRL) and “Best Practice Experiments” (higher TRL), both with the possibility to raise up to 60.000 € of financial aid for each experiment.

This effort is supported by the European Commission initiative, I4MS, as part of the mission to encourage the implementation of ICT technologies in Europe to enhance the competitiveness of the EU industrial SMEs in the global scenario.


SOURCE Mobile World Capital Barcelona


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