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Block Crafters, a global blockchain accelerator, has successfully wrapped up its investment round. The rising star from the digital asset industry is getting ready to accelerate its growth.

One investor of this deal is Chun Yang-Hyun, executive chairman of Cocone and former President of LINE Japan. A renowned serial entrepreneur, Chun is currently in charge of one of the most fast-growing CCP (Character Coordinating Play) services in Japan, Cocone. Two venture capital firms, DTN Investment and T Investment, also took part in the investment round. According to the agreement, details of the deal, including the investment volume and the terms, remain confidential.

As of last month, the organizational structure of Block Crafters has been improved; it now fully owns one of its affiliate companies, Block Crafters Capital Pte. Ltd. Established in Singapore, Block Crafters Capital is a subsidiary of Block Crafters, which provides professional asset management and crypto fund services.

With in-depth expertise in algorithm trading, quant trading, arbitrage and active trading, Block Crafters Capital is expected to support Block Crafters’ digital asset management service.

Its B2C global digital asset management service, HaruBank is expanding to Asian and South American markets. HaruBank provides high interest rates on digital assets. Based on its presence in these markets, it further aims to provide its services to more customers in different regions.

As a part of the change in the Korean business unit, Block Crafters was recently registered as an accelerator at the Ministry of SMEs and Startups. Its role as an accelerator includes finding prospective teams in the digital asset service industry and supporting them with investment and incubation programs.

Hoon Song, a co-founder of Block Crafters, said in an interview, “It is our goal to grow as a leading company in the digital asset industry. We aim to provide superb services in the finance and investment sector.”

Founded in May 2018, Block Crafters is a group of experts with individual successful track records in VC, serial entrepreneurship, gaming and consulting. Since its inception, it has reviewed over 500 blockchain projects from 20 different countries and has invested in several projects related to the protocol development, finance, gaming, mobility and SNS sectors.

SOURCE Block Crafters

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