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Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show settled in Senegal as the first window of 60 countries in Africa




Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show has been officially launched in Africa and settled in Senegal. It became the first window to represent African countries and regions among 60 African countries. It has received special envoys of local presidents, political figures, religious leaders, wealthy businessmen, and fighting heroes, sports fans warmly welcomed and loved, and won Special Contribution Award of the Republic of Senegal issued by the Consul General.

The Republic of Senegal is located in Africa on the southern bank of the Senegal River and has a population of 16 million. Senegal wrestling is the national essence of Senegal. Whether who is a government official, a civilian or a social elite, he is a participant in the Senegalese wrestling, forming a unique socio-cultural soil and the sports spiritual belief of the national movement. Many Senegalese youths have practiced Senegalese wrestling since they were children, hoping to grow up and become professional wrestlers respected by the people. For a long time, due to the closure of the country, Senegalese wrestling champions and athletes could not go abroad.

Therefore, the Republic of Senegal has a special interest in the original business model of Fight to Fame BMS. With their active efforts, Fight to Fame BMS officially landed in Senegal, making it the first window for 60 countries and regions in Africa. The stage of Fame BMS gives these wrestlers the opportunity to become fighting heroes, fulfill their dreams, fill the gap in Senegal, become the hero who will act on behalf of Senegal in Hollywood action movies, and have the opportunity to become action superstars like Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and the “Rock”.

Once the news of Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show’s launch in Senegal came out, it received the Senegal’s special envoy of the president, political figures, religious leaders, wealthy businessmen, fighting heroes and sports players in surrounding countries and regions. In particular, the limited pre-sale of Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show FF Token in Senegal has received the enthusiastic love and attention of many sports players and investors in the local country. Due to the extremely limited number, Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show Senegal’s preparatory leadership group has been formally established and FF tokens will be issued in two phases.

Fight to Fame BMS’s original blockchain + film + sports in the global cryptocurrency field, the Fight to Fame BMS event action star reality show uses a decentralized voting mechanism and has received a special contribution award from the Republic of Senegal. This special honor of Special Contribution Award was awarded to the Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show by the Special Envoy of the President and Consul of the Republic of Senegal.

The chairman of the Fight to Fame BMS Senegal Committee, the famous businessman Ajib said excitedly: Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show FF Token conducts full-line consumption, circulation and settlement in Senegal. This is the world’s only original concept that makes Senegal’s tournaments refer to blocks. The decentralized voting mechanism realizes ticket purchase, derivatives exchange, and players’ bets, which greatly promotes local understanding and development of blockchain technology. At the same time, it gives the powerful Senegalese wrestlers the opportunity to realize their dreams, using wrestling culture as a window to open the country’s sports culture, and communicating with many countries around the world, which has had a great impact and far-reaching significance.

The CEO of Fight to Fame BMS Senegal Committee Van said excitedly: The creation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is to allow some backward countries in remote areas to help them realize wealth and create more fair opportunities. This time, the Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show FF Token shines in Africa for the first time, and it will definitely receive an upsurge from investing in FF Token from the African region. This has fully reflected the rising value space of FF Token after going to the public.

African religious leader Cheikh Mahi Cissee said deeply: I want to use my FF Token to help my followers, so that each of them will have the opportunity to learn about Fight to Fame BMS, know the Fight to Fame action star reality show, hold FF Token. So that they have the opportunity to create wealth.

The CEO of the Fight to Fame BMS event committee Dennis also kindly said: This time Senegal serves as a window for more than 60 countries in Africa. Fan fans and investors can use FF Token in the tournament to vote for their favorite fighting heroes. This move will definitely promote the friendship and friendly relations between Senegal and other African countries, and make Senegal wrestling have a greater influence and participation in Africa and the world.

It is reported that Fight to Fame BMS has established cooperative relations in Latin AmericaSoutheast Asia, the Middle East and other countries and regions. The ten countries and regions of the first phase of foreign cooperation have all been signed. Why Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show FF Token can get so many responses and cooperation in the global cryptocurrency field?

First of all, it is not difficult to analyze more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies around the world. Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show FF Token is compared with any one. Not to mention one, even one hundred, and five hundred compared with FF Token, especially in the profit model, the application scenario, the platform, the comparison, it is not difficult to find out who is the fighting hero.

Second, if it is a cryptocurrency project in South Korea, we believe that people in the Middle East will not buy it, people in Latin America will not buy it, and people in Africa will not buy it. Therefore, most of the cryptocurrency projects in South Korea are invested and held by Korean investors, and FF Token has completely broken this bottleneck. FF Token recruits global players, boxing fans and movie fans through the Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show regardless of race, language, and national borders, and uses blockchain technology smart contracts to create a decentralized voting mechanism to completely solve the relationship between people and events, people and movies, completely solve the limitations of the global circulation of cryptocurrencies and realize the construction of community pools.

Third, the cooperation between Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show and the gaming industry has completely realized the breakthrough innovation of cryptocurrency FF Token standard and casino chip substandard system, making cryptocurrencies truly “casinos in casinos” and “gaming in gambling”. That has completely changed the history of the gambling industry and completely realized the value space that other cryptocurrencies cannot achieve.

It is reported that the cooperation and development of the Fight to Fame blockchain + movie + sports innovation model in some countries and regions around the world and the rise of FF Token with a value space of more than 200% before listing, are rare in global cryptocurrencies. Fight to Fame BMS action star reality show project has received warm response from local partners like Senegalese dignitaries, religious leaders, wealthy businessmen and sports players and sports fans in nearly ten countries and regions. FF Token has been signed over 70% of the total  pre-sale. It is conceivable that once the FF Token is listed, it will run healthy and further receive the support of many sports fans and movie fans worldwide.


SOURCE Fight to Fame


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