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How to Hire the Right Programmers for AI-enabled Healthcare Projects



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When it comes to hiring the right developers, companies are draining all of their resources to get the top talent within this competitive tech niche. This is because the need on the market is way more substantial than there are qualified engineers and developers for it. 

According to Business Insider, the full-stack developers, java developers, back end developers, and robotics developers have seen a 25-40% annual growth in the past five years. The list peaks with Artificial Intelligence (AI) specialists that have seen a 75% yearly growth in the past five years. 

The position AI/machine learning engineer is also number two of the top 10 in-demand tech jobs by TechRepublic. Statistics loudly speak about the high demand of AI developers that makes local recruitment agencies unable to find experts tailored to the company’s needs. Therefore, getting top-notch AI talent most of the time requires a more effective recruitment process by a specialized tech recruitment partner. 


Define Your Needs and Goals

There are several industries where AI is booming, and the two most popular ones are healthcare and the automobile industry. While for car-lovers innovations in AI mean having self-driven, eco-cars, the impact of technology in the healthcare industry is way more vital. In medical terms, data storing and processing done by AI predicts and prevents many diseases from actually happening. Future innovations will most probably create products that will extend the lifespan of humanity in general. 

So, when looking for AI engineers, you have to look for those who have experience in your field. The developer who will work on a healthcare project needs to have a particular set of skills. Yet, other features are essential for developers who are going to work within the automobile industry. 

What is more, you should define whether you’ll need candidates who’ll apply AI services to your project or design them. For instance, try comparing a macOS developer to someone who creates this OS. The difference in the skills and experience are incomparable. 


Recruiting Strategies

When it comes to hiring AI professionals, you have two recruiting options. The first one includes having a trained in-house team of recruiters. Nevertheless, this type of investment will cost your company a lot of time and money, and it may still not provide satisfying results. The second and more reasonable option you have when it comes to hiring AI professionals is a collaboration with a tech partner that already has dedicated recruiting teams to AI.


Going for an IT Staffing Company

If you choose an IT consultant to build a team of developers for AI healthcare projects, then here is what the whole process of staffing and recruitment will consist of:

  1. HR Venting to find the right candidates according to the job description. Even from the creation of the job description, the job will be in the hands of experienced tech recruiters, leaving no space for mistakes. A precise job description will vent out all the candidates who aren’t entirely suitable for the job. Your IT consultant will make sure that the pool of talent they reach out to is matching to the background, education, experience, personality and communication requirements for the role.
  2. Technical Interview with the candidates by a tech lead that has the same level of knowledge and seniority as the position requires. Therefore, in this case, the Interview for getting the right developer for the AI-enabled healthcare project will be done by an AI engineer. It is a more fruitful approach leaving no chance to mistake. A regular HR professional may have no thorough insight into the role, skills and specific details, so an AI developer does the Interview. 
  3. Finding a candidate who is a cultural match is essential for the candidate to blend in effectively into the company’s culture. 
  4. Project Management is the fourth step once your company decides to go for a particular candidate. However, your IT staffing consultant will help you manage your employees, assigning them the projects. For instance, forward-thinking AI engineers will work on more creative and innovative AI-focused projects or products.
  5. Process Assessment includes constant monitoring of the work processes by the dedicated teams. In the end, it’s all about ensuring that the final product will be quality and tailored to the company’s needs and expectations.


Going a Step Further to Reach AI Developers – Taking Part in AI Conferences, AI Summits and Hackathons

A highly intuitive process for IT staffing companies is to be a part of tech and AI conferences. These two events not only upgrade the talent of their current teams but also help them meet global professionals. Exploring more into modern methods of recruitment that include reaching out to experts, rather than waiting for them to come to you is what ensures quality. Codefests and AI summits are ways to get to valuable AI talent that you can’t find elsewhere.


Final Thoughts

As can be seen, finding the right programmers for your AI-enabled healthcare project can be quite challenging. If you take into consideration the shortage of experts on a global level, recruiting agencies sometimes can’t provide you with the right fit. 

So, the best option is to collaborate with a specialized AI recruitment agency and let them help you get your dedicated team. This way you’ll get access to global talent! You can also explore some unique ways of getting to AI professionals, such as networking and getting the right connections at AI conferences and summits. We wish you the best of luck in the hunt!


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