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As the UK leaves one union, another is formed. On 18 February 2020, Ring will be forged by unifying the chainstates of four established cryptocurrencies. With revolutionary new features and a huge initial distribution, Ring truly has something for everyone.

A different kind of monetary union: Bitcoin, Litecoin Cash, Dash, Doge.

Together, rewarding these coins will constitute the largest cryptocurrency initial distribution to date and capture over 30 years of cumulative blockchain history across more than 30 million individual addresses.

Be a holder of any of these 4 coins on 18-February-20 to receive a proportional entitlement to Ring.

More details including the claim ratios may be found at the website.


Democracy in mining

Ring offers fully democratized mining, while maintaining the highest level of security. We’re really putting power back into the hands of people. Three revolutionary methods of securing the chain will be available directly from within the core wallet.

Simply download it, and everything is there at your fingertips on a user friendly platform, ready to go.

Minotaur: A new custom designed ASIC-resistant, CPU-based, Proof-of-Work algorithm, available from right within the wallet.

Simply connect some cores. You are now a crypto miner!

Hive Mining: The solid foundation meets a worldwide audience.

Bringing an agent-based and energy-efficient mining dimension to the blockchain, an entirely new iteration of the revolutionary Hive Mining technology, from Litecoin Cash.

On-chain agents (dwarves) are created that mine on your behalf, eliminating the need for specialized hardware. Anything from a Raspberry Pi to your normal desktop PC is fine.

Become a Dwarf master and earn Ring while securing the blockchain.

Proof-of-Play: The game changer! Requiring zero investment.

A unique framework has been developed for implementing gameplay that can be used to secure the network.

Ring provides a fun way for new users to start earning crypto by playing games within the wallet!

Bridging Divisions through communication and sharing:

Finally, we are excited to announce that Ring will shortly integrate ‘The Rialto’.

Shakespeare’s Rialto was a street in Venice where merchants would meet and discretely conduct their business.

Our Rialto is a completely decentralized chat platform with an integrated low-friction payment system, all powered by the same encryption you trust every day to protect your coins. Here you can securely meet and realize true, frictionless cross-border financial reconciliation.

Ring – the latest development from the team at Litecoin Cash.

We look forward to this journey and the future ahead, taking this innovative and exciting technology Global.


SOURCE Litecoin Cash

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