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Recently, the “2018 D-BANK Global Touring Exhibition Beijing Station” was held in Beijing grandly. The meeting brought together digital economy experts and blockchain scholars. There were more than 200 people in attendance including organization leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors. At the meeting, D-BANK delivered the project explanation and plans to conduct a global tour exhibition. Adalia, D-BANK project market leader, said: “Today, the global digital economy with its rapid development, digital wallets, as an indispensable infrastructure of the digital economy market, have great market prospects. D-BANK has created a digital wallet to integrate secure storage, wealth management and value-added, and mall consumption. In the future, D-BANK, a new payment system and ecosystem in the digital economy era will be built.” At the meeting, Adalia launched a detailed interpretation of the D-BANK digital wallet.

Five core technologies, safe and efficient

Secure storage is the most important core function of digital wallets. D-BANK wallets use cold and hot separation storage and multiple verification functions to ensure that account information is stored offline and hackers cannot attack. In addition, the D-BANK technical team uses the SHA 512-ZERO algorithm to encrypt Technology, Ring Topology Hub ring topology relay technology, NOBLOCK technology engine, NO-LOCALCOIN exchange network.

Connecting the real economy, creating use value

At the conference, Adalia introduced that D-BANK will also issue digital economic bank cards in conjunction with international banks and card issuers for recharging digital assets and can be used to withdraw and consume online. In addition, D-BANK will also open online malls and B2B international trade, DAPP mall, and other functions, which lets the digital economy participate in buying and selling, and consumption, and let the digital economy break through the limitation of investing in assets only.

Gathering top international talents and global layout

D-bank’s headquarters is located in Silicon Valley, the United States, whose technical staff is composed of senior developers from several countries, including CanadaChina, and other countries. The core team has more than 10 years of experience in Internet technology, and the team is strong. After the launch, it has made rapid deployment in the United StatesChinaJapanSouth KoreaSoutheast AsiaEurope and other regions, hoping to build a global payment network.


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