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ZorroSign, Inc., a pioneer of real electronic signature and a patented document fraud and tampering detection system built on blockchain, today announced multiple advancements in the platform’s security and identity protocols and overall product enhancements. First, the platform will be passwordless, providing users the ability to use multi-factor authentication. Earlier this year, One Time Password (OTP) was enabled for basic two-factor authentication. Second, as a part of ZorroSign’s Identity as a Service (IDaaS) feature roll-out, as an additional security protocol, US based corporate customers will now be able to purchase a premium service that will allow for Knowledge Based Authentication (KBA) in order to validate a user. Third, users can now use advanced secure mobile biometrics to sign documents.

Currently, using a username and password is the main means for authenticating users. This protocol often leads people to use passwords that are simple, because when passwords get complicated users forget them. As a result, people use the same password or copy and paste passwords. This leads to security vulnerabilities. Passwordless environments provide total security without users having to remember complex passwords.

ZorroSign users can use the passwordless feature by scanning a QR code on the login screen. Once the QR code is scanned the mobile device will prompt for biometric verification. If the device doesn’t have biometric capability the user will receive a pin code via email or text. When authenticated the user will be logged in automatically, achieving a passwordless environment for increased security.

Users will have the option to turn on the passwordless feature using the ZorroSign mobile app.

“For ZorroSign, TRUST is everything. Security and privacy are the cornerstones of everything we do,” said Shamsh Hadi, Chief Executive Officer at ZorroSign. “The future of privacy and security is here. We are the first to provide our customers with the option to utilize the most advanced security and privacy protocols, which is not a focus area of our competitive landscape. This reinforces our commitment to providing the most advanced, secure, accessible, privacy focused, electronic and digital signature platform on the market, while maintaining our own digital certificates placed on the blockchain at a competitive price.”

The ZorroSign advanced Digital Business Platform uses Digital Transaction Management principals to streamline end-to-end digital transactions. ZorroSign’s real (patented) Electronic Signature technology is not just an image of a signature super-imposed on a document capturing only the “intent to sign.” ZorroSign users actually electronically or digitally sign a document.

Today marks the next step into the future for ZorroSign. Leading into the first half of 2020, ZorroSign will release a digital signature solution recognized by all global Certifying Authorities (CAs), which will use a cryptographic technique that helps secure the signed document and the data that is associated it. The principle of a digital signature is that of a validation, like notaries in the past. Digital signature is the online equivalent of a notary that can be verified electronically and instantly. ZorroSign’s impending digital signature solution will include digital security certificates that never expire.

Also, looking forward to the first quarter of 2020, ZorroSign’s Chief Technology Officer, Priyal Walpita, is focused on Identity as a Service (IDaaS) and working to release really exciting technologies specifically in the space of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). One of these include the ability to use ML in areas like identification, facial recognition and to recognize a true signature. Further, ZorroSign is working on partnerships that will permit users to use a technology product to sign and compare current signatures to previous signatures.


SOURCE ZorroSign

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