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Invited as a keynote speaker, Maxonrow shared the latest product releases and plans to build international communities at Blockchain Day. The event was co-organized by global crypto exchange KuCoin and Dutch blockchain startup LTO Network in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Other speakers and panelists included budding Dutch startups such as V-ID, Dusk Network, and Blockdata. Around 70 participants comprised of developers and blockchain enthusiasts also joined the event.

During its global community outreach program #MaxOnWorld earlier this year, Maxonrow visited major cities in the U.S., Europe, Latin American, and Asia. The company took Blockchain Day as an opportunity to introduce initiatives to grow the local community in the Netherlands through a dedicated Telegram group and exclusive giveaways.

“Community building is a core part of Maxonrow. We rely on our communities as we help each other grow,” said Tiffany Tsai, Corporate Communications Manager at Maxonrow. She also shared use cases of the latest product release, True Asset Issuing (TAI), that could revolutionize business models for SME, entertainment, and crowdfunding. “Our mission is to provide a solution for every challenge of our time. We build reliable tools for businesses with enhanced security and transparency of blockchain and intuitive apps for easy user adoption. Anyone can use our app, MAX-Wallet, to issue their tokens and tap into the global economy using just their phones. SME can use our Software Development Kit (SDK) to customize their own apps with a complete payment system. Via our app, celebrities can create a borderless ecosystem, while independent artists can reach a global audience without going through agencies.”

At the event, KuCoin Co-Founder and President Eric Don commented on listing Maxonrow’s native token MXW on the exchange, “KuCoin has a rigorous process in vetting projects we list on our exchange to guarantee the highest standards of security for our users. Maxonrow is an exemplary project with its unique KYC Blockchain, enhanced security, and commitment to protecting user privacy.”

Rick Schmitz, CEO of LTO Network also remarked on Maxonrow, “LTO network was honored to have Maxonrow as a speaker at our event. They shared important insights into the blockchain industry and how they built communities in different markets. We look forward to more good news from them soon.”

Besides recognition from KuCoin and LTO Network, Maxonrow passed blockchain audit firm SlowMist’s examination with flying colors in September, adding another powerful testament to Maxonrow’s dedication to security and excellence of its technology.

To continue engaging and growing the MXW community, Maxonrow and KuCoin teamed up for a lockup and cash back program, where users can choose to freeze their MXW starting Nov.19-25 for a high APR return. For details, please see the links below and join Maxonrow’s social media channels.


SOURCE Maxonrow

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