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Wealthscope, a premier provider of portfolio and planning analytics, is announcing their partnership with Canada’s leading financial data aggregator, Wealthica. Wealthscope’s comprehensive portfolio analytics will be fully integrated within the Wealthica platform. Investors will have access to these tools to help them better understand and manage their investments for the long term.

“This partnership is an important step towards fintechs working together to help investors,” said Pauline Shum Nolan, PhD, Co-founder of Wealthscope. “We are both independently-owned and conflict-free. Our user base trusts us because of that. There are many products that analyze individual securities and funds, however Wealthscope’s focus is on the portfolio as a whole, and connecting the portfolio to financial planning. Investors have their investments in different accounts and/or at different institutions. With the Wealthica and Wealthscope partnership, investors can now analyze their portfolios individually as well as altogether.”

Wealthica connects to more than 60 financial institutions in Canada to retrieve a client’s investment account balances and holdings. This account information is automatically integrated into Wealthscope’s proprietary Portfolio Scorecard, where an investor can analyze their current portfolios in multiple dimensions.

“We are delighted to offer Canadian investors an easy way to get an unbiased analysis of their full portfolio and investments they hold at multiple financial institutions,” said Simon Boulet, CEO of Wealthica. “Wealthica aims to be the one-stop destination for Canadian investors to see and track all their investments. Now with the addition of Wealthscope’s scorecard and integrated planning tools, investors have access to both services with one login.”

Wealthscope will be available on Wealthica’s platform as an add-on. Subscriptions are available at $15.95/month or $99.95/year. Wealthscope features include:

  • A scorecard that shows historical returns and volatility, risk-adjusted ratios, maximum drawdown, risk contribution, macroeconomic and sector risk exposures, income and fees analysis.
  • A rebalancing tool that compares the weight of each holding in an account to its target weights on a daily basis, and calculates the trades required to maintain a balanced portfolio when injecting/withdrawing cash.
  • A feature that analyzes the potential impact to a portfolio score before making a trade.
  • Two different portfolio builders.
  • A planning tool that sets saving targets for various goals, with a calculated probability of meeting the target.


SOURCE PW Portfolio Analytics

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