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Black Knight, Inc. (NYSE: BKI), a leading provider of integrated software, data and analytics to the mortgage and real estate industries, announced it is integrating the Househappy application into its Servicing Digital mobile solution. Servicing Digital is a powerful retention tool for mortgage servicers that gives their customers both self-service capabilities and valuable information about their mortgages. Customers can use Servicing Digital to make loan payments from their mobile devices, explore various “what-if” scenarios around payment, refinance and equity options, and receive important notifications about their loans.

Househappy is an all-in-one home concierge suite that enables homeowners to digitally track home maintenance information and records, be notified of upcoming service needs, and schedule repairs and services from a list of pre-approved contractors with a single click or phone call. Through a Househappy concierge expert, homeowners can expect repairs and renovations to be managed professionally – easing the stress and cost of projects.

Adding Househappy to Servicing Digital enhances the solution’s already robust offerings by adding additional capabilities and creating valuable cross-sell opportunities, which will help servicers enhance their customer relationships.

“Putting home maintenance on autopilot with Househappy gives consumers more time and reduces stress in their busy lives,” said David Manougian, Househappy CEO. “Homes are a valuable personal and financial investment, and the addition of Househappy to Servicing Digital will help homeowners preserve and potentially increase their property value with regular maintenance, needed repairs or home renovations.”

Servicing Digital is a consumer-centric, mobile solution available as either a native app or responsive web design that offers customers of financial institutions detailed, timely and highly personalized information about their loans; fast, around-the-clock access to home and loan information that is relevant and easy to understand; the ability to make a mortgage payment; and simulators and tools to show how wealth can be built from these real estate assets. The solution was built with the consumer’s needs in mind and provides servicers with a platform for continual engagement with their customers, building stronger relationships and increasing retention.

“Integrating Househappy into Servicing Digital is yet another example of Black Knight delivering innovative solutions that help our clients develop deeper, long-lasting relationships with their customers,” Black Knight President Joe Nackashi said. “Providing multiple resources within Servicing Digital’s all-in-one solution application helps homeowners better protect their home investment for the long term, while delivering additional convenience and peace of mind.”


SOURCE Black Knight, Inc.

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