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Exxact Corporation, a leading provider of high performance computing solutions (HPC) for GPU-accelerated deep learning research, announced that its NVIDIA T4-powered Deep Learning Inference Servers are now shipping worldwide

Exxact Deep Learning Inference Servers bring revolutionary multi-precision inference performance to efficiently accelerate the diverse applications of modern AI. Powered by NVIDIA T4 GPUs, Exxact Deep Learning Inference Servers are optimized for use in image and video search, video analytics, object classification and detection, and a host of other scenarios.

The NVIDIA T4 is the most versatile GPU to date — bringing dramatic performance and efficiency gains to both deep learning training and inference. Built on NVIDIA’s Turing architecture, the T4 also includes Tensor Cores for acceleration of deep learning inference workflows.

“With the new NVIDIA T4, Exxact is focused on providing our customers with access to the most efficient accelerator solutions for AI inference workloads,” said Jason Chen, Vice President of Exxact Corporation. “As a leading provider of HPC and Deep Learning systems, Exxact continues to enhance the TensorEX server portfolio to help our customers drive every phase of the artificial intelligence life cycle and ultimately achieve their goals.”

Pre-installed with NVIDIA TensorRT™, Exxact Deep Learning Inference Servers maximizes data center throughput and GPU utilization, integrates with Kubernetes and Docker, and supports all popular AI models and frameworks such as TensorFlowPyTorch, MXNet, Chainer, and Caffe2.

Exxact will offer various Deep Learning Inference Servers including:

All Exxact Deep Learning Inference and Training systems are fully turnkey — built to perform right out of the box and backed by a standard 3-year warranty and support service.

For more information or inquiries about Exxact Deep Learning Inference Servers featuring NVIDIA T4 GPUs, please contact the Exxact sales department here.


SOURCE Exxact Corporation

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