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Recently, the MIT Technology Review officially unveiled its list of “50 Smartest Companies 2019 (TR50)” in Hangzhou, China. The list represents the MIT Technology Review‘s vision of the future business world anchored in companies and “a guide to the future with emerging technologies.” As China’s leading enterprise-level artificial intelligence (AI) products and service platform, Mininglamp Technology was listed alongside other global pioneers including Huawei, Tencent, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and Iflytek.

The “50 Smartest Companies” list is not ranked by the short-term data of the company. Instead, it is based on the breakthrough and innovation owing to the core competence of the company’s emerging technology benefiting itself, the industry track, and even the whole world. To some extent, it is even a prediction of future leading companies in the industry.

As the TR50 list approaches its 10th consecutive year, it is eye-catching for its use of “China fulcrum” concept for the first time. And the reason for such a change is the intention to add new perspectives to the TR50 list and present more diversified elements. For such an annual variable list, different perspectives and dimensions will enrich and diversify the list to a larger extent and make it more representative of the future.

Integrate perception and cognition, and explore AI frontier technology

Unlike other company lists, the TR50 is not a list of world giants in the industry. The number of patents, capital scale, and locations are not even included in its appraisal. Instead, “cutting-edge technological innovation” and “successful business model” constitute its key indicators.

As China’s leading enterprise-level AI enterprise, Mininglamp Technology has obvious advantages in technological innovation. The industry knowledge graph, knowledge reasoning, and services based on the industry knowledge graph have exemplified important technological breakthroughs of Mininglamp technology in recent years.

Mininglamp Technology takes the integrated data management platform as the underlying foundation and integrates discrete local knowledge into global knowledge by constructing industry knowledge graph. Also, it reflects knowledge’s unique attributes and complex evolutionary relationships of various data sources through matching, conflict solving, and sorting, and conducts knowledge reasoning to assist the overall system. Finally, decision-making actions are generated to form an AI closed loop.

Mininglamp Technology integrates perceptual and cognitive intelligence to achieve “the effective combination of symbolism and deep learning,” thus creating the top-level design of AI for all industries. Based on the top-level design of AI, Mininglamp Technology has built the insuperable technical barriers. The technologies of knowledge extraction, knowledge fusion relational data, and knowledge graph automatic construction are all moats for the comapny.

Match supply and demand with AI, and accelerate intelligent upgrading in multiple industires

Mininglamp Technology believes that the essence of the value generated by AI in business lies in the redistribution of supply and demand side. Mininglamp industry knowledge graph and reasoning based on it can help companies build their own business platforms to match supply and demand. According to public data, Mininglamp Technology’s cutting-edge technologies and products have served more than 1,000 industry benchmark customers including provincial and municipal public security bureaus, People’s Bank of China, China Everbright Bank, Shanghai Metro, P&G, Unilever, and Yum brands. For Mininglamp Technology, commanding a deep understanding of industry knowledge can generate real value and bind core customers and industry partners closely in a long term.

SOURCE Mininglamp Technology

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