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Kotak Mahindra Bank (Kotak) announced the launch of its AI-driven chatbot, Keya. Kotak customers are actively adopting Keya, which has crossed over 3.5 million queries from over 1 million unique users with 93% accuracy.

Launched to millions of Kotak customers, Keya is a smart AI enabled chatbot, quick and available to answer banking queries round the clock and has the ability to field questions on:

Consumers can ask Keya questions such as these for a prompt reply:

  • “What are the annual charges of Urbane Credit Card?”
  • “How do I dispute a transaction on my debit card”
  • “How can I link my Aadhaar card to my account?”
  • “Generate a PIN for my credit card”
  • “Service requests – refer list of services”

“By leveraging the power of conversational AI, the Keya chatbot is available across digital channels such as the Kotak website, internet banking, 811 and the Kotak mobile app. We have augmented human intelligence with machine learning to redefine an interactive banking experience for our customers,” said Deepak Sharma, Chief Digital Officer of Kotak Mahindra Bank.

Powered by Active.Ai’s cutting edge AI engine, TRINITI, institutions can now communicate digitally with their consumers, understand their intent, be contextually aware, handle multiple instructions in a single string and handle acronyms or slang in a delightful manner.

Over 10 leading institutions across the world handle millions of interactions across simple and complex banking conversations on TRINITI today with a very high accuracy rate. With valuable feedback from clients, Active.Ai has made this platform immensely scalable and quick to deploy. They believe this revolutionary platform will make it accessible for every financial institution to embrace conversational AI and deliver a great service experience.

“It has been an honour for Active.Ai team to partner with Kotak, which over the last 40 years has built an incredible culture of trust, customer centricity and innovation with millions of customers. We were inspired by the vision and partnership approach of the team to embark on an AI enabled digital journey to provide financial access and service experience to millions of customers,” said Ravishankar, CEO of Active.Ai.


SOURCE Active.Ai

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