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RocketDocs, a business-to-business software development company, today released a report for companies looking to better manage vast amounts of content to drive revenue and increase profitability. Titled “Response Value Chain: Conquering Content Chaos and Optimizing Information Assets for Measurable Business Success,” this whitepaper asserts that enabling effective business response requires a Response Value Chain™ to facilitate creating, managing, delivering, and unlocking the value of the organization’s investment in its content.

For decades, business process improvement and technology advances have been applied to reducing inefficiencies and costs across the organization.  These same innovations, especially desktop computing and cloud storage, have driven the acceleration of content creation, resulting in information assets being stored on desktops across various departments, stored in multiple systems and emails.  There is little control over accuracy or location.  At a time when out-of-date data can result in lost sales—and even create compliance risks–corporate sales and response teams operate in a near state of paralysis as they struggle with content chaos.  Organizations across most industries have tried to solve content chaos by investing heavily in more technology, which effectively enables them to get bad content out faster.

Just as any product moves through a value chain that transforms raw material into a saleable commodity, managing information via a value-added process transforms raw content into effective business responses. A Response Value Chain combines SaaS technology and best practices to develop response capabilities that deliver results for customer-facing teams, including sales, professional services, customer success, marketing, and technology.

“Content chaos is a barrier to driving revenue and improving profitability for all organizations, and it is especially challenging for large organizations in finance, technology, healthcare, and professional services,” said Jason Pappas, CEO and president of RocketDocs. “More people within an organization are creating content and the demand for fast, accurate responses has never been greater.  We have found that organizations utilizing a Response Value Chain have the greatest success in managing content that drives productivity and business success.”

The whitepaper, titled “Response Value Chain: Conquering Content Chaos and Optimizing Information Assets for Measurable Business Success,” dives into how businesses can effectively meet requests for any type of proposal, questionnaire, business or regulatory queries, and even ad-hoc requests from the field. It also looks at ways technology advances and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions will further shape information management. Click here to download the paper.

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