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Nodeflux, the Indonesia’s first and largest vision AI company, is optimistic to create a strong AI-based ecosystem in Indonesia. Through an event, Nodeflux BEYOND “AI Fostering Greater Good and Beyond,” Nodeflux aims to put Indonesia’s economic in a strong position to lead the global competitiveness. Respected stakeholders across industries were speaking at the event, discussing strategies to overcome smart city’s challenges in every sector by implementing the Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) technology of Nodeflux.

“To achieve the ecosystem, we need to emphasize on the 3 main aspects: build a syllabus for a thriving AI education, engage the academic with industry experts, and invest heavily in AI research and development. We are allowing large new players and industries to experiment with unprecedented breakthroughs, in a fascinating playground that we provide to leapfrog the technologies,” said Faris Rahman, CTO of Nodeflux.

Any challenges grappled in the city are driving a new tech playground for Nodeflux, that leads to new tech initiatives for the success of Smart City. For that reason, Nodeflux has helped Jakarta with data analytics to calculate the road traffic flow, waste management monitoring, as well as illegal parking. Therefore, it will reinforce a wide-open tech territory to all people and industry players, to get in the benefits and changes in Jakarta.

To keep illegal vehicles off the road and to monitor the automated parking services, Nodeflux is now implementing the License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology. Utilizing AI for analysis, it enables the technology to automatically detect any license plates, that will likely lead to a more accurate weather and traffic enforcement forecasts.

With Fleet Detection technology, Nodeflux can specifically calculate a number of vehicles that pass through a highway. In addition, other analytics implemented by Nodeflux tech and partners are involved to support store decision-making; surveil an events’ security, such as the Asian Games 2018, by utilizing the face recognition features; and implement AI-powered technology for smart toll management and smart city.

“In collaboration with AI, we need to build up a new data-driven policy that will extend the reach of human capabilities. In this case, Nodeflux has provided the highest quality of Indonesian-made technology, with a customized concept for Jakartans that is surpassing any international corporation. There isn’t any better understanding about what we, Indonesian, need, unless it is coming from the Indonesians themselves,” said Alex Siahaan, Head of Implementing Unit Planning, Research and Development of Jakarta Smart City.

In a panel discussion, Bens Pardamean, Head of NVIDIA — BINUS AI R&D Center emphasized the urgent needs for AI in every sector. “Moreover, with an intensive effort of our government, they’re now focusing to succeed the Smart City program, industry 4.0 transformation, and education 4.0. We see that Nodeflux has made rapid technology advances to accelerate changes in our society, through a collaboration with AI R&D, academic institution and BINUS University -for example,” added Bens.

Upgrading to an AI-based ecosystem, we require more expertise in digitization to optimize the function for real-world problems. Elevating Indonesia’s AI ecosystem to the global arena, Nodeflux has strengthened its position as the only Indonesian-based company to join the NVIDIA-MSPP. Through the Metropolis Software Platform Program (MSPP), Nodeflux has also committed to consistently act as a strong catalyst of growth for Indonesia’s technology, by raising more awareness of the sustainable AI ecosystem.


SOURCE Nodeflux

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