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Fluency® today announced it was designated a 5-Star Storage Vendor and 5-Star Security Vendor in the 2019 CRN Partner Program Guide. Fluency is the first high-capacity next generation SIEM or Central Log Management provider to be awarded the 5-Star designation in the storage category.

The exponential increase in the volume of log data and longer retention requirements have driven a dramatic increase in the amount of storage required by security operations. Additionally, compliance and privacy requirements have further accelerated the dramatic growth in the storage footprint needed to support log management.

The quickly changing landscape and the fact that Fluency had the forethought to incorporate the future needs of the industry, make the designation as a 5-Star vendor in both categories’ particularly noteworthy. Providing both log management and enterprise class storage for SOCs, Fluency maintains Peer Persistence data storage across all internal services and offers In-Database Data Reduction, adding a layer of data reduction above the hardware level. These unique capabilities are accompanied by:

  • Unmatched data retention
  • Extremely cost-effective pricing
  • The fastest search speeds available today
  • Strong default high-availability and high durability
  • Real-time situational awareness
  • Pseudonym-based privatization built into proprietary streaming database

“This 5-Star distinction recognizes the uniqueness of Fluency’s focus on data storage and quick access,” said Chris Jordan, CEO at Fluency. “Our focus on data storage places us on the top list alongside Hitachi and HPE data storage portfolios. Fluency is the only security vendor to recognize that security log management requires a robust enterprise-class data storage component. Fluency provides this superior approach at a price point that is at least 40% lower than the nearest legacy competitors.”

Watch a brief video to learn why partners are turning to Fluency to address today’s challenges and contact Fluency today for a no-cost proof of concept that will change your perspective on security operations and data retention.


SOURCE Fluency

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