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Geospark Analytics has launched its new Hyperion platform, an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven platform that delivers real-time insights and automated monitoring, alerting, and forecasting of events that could pose a risk to an organization’s people, places, and interests. Simply put, knowing what happens when it happens is no longer enough, knowing what happens before it happens is now the expectation.

Driven by machine learning and AI, Hyperion is the most simple and powerful threat and risk assessment capability available to commercial, NGO, and government organizations today. Hyperion delivers the insight and power of an entire analytic team wrapped into an easy interface that provides instant assessments and forecasts to make informed decision faster.

Hyperion represents a revolution in global threat and risk assessment. Rather than manually assessing and reassessing the risk and stability of a location of interest, Hyperion’s models and AI live quietly behind the scenes where they constantly ingest live information, identify hotspots, and assess and forecast the risk, threat, and stability of every point on our globe. A combination of AI and predictive models ingest and analyze millions of data points from satellites, news, social media, and IoT presenting analysts and operators unprecedented situational awareness.

“Geospark Analytics is excited to deliver a platform that enables our customers to assemble a 10,000-piece information puzzle at speed so they can study the picture to identify crisis situations that could harm people or disrupt operations,” said GeoSpark Analytics CEO and Founder Omar Balkissoon. “The new platform was re-designed to deliver an experience that is so simple and intuitive that anyone can use it, a challenging effort requiring the translation of complicated models into simple answers,” said GeoSpark Analytics Head of Product Serena Kelleher-Vergantini.

SOURCE Geospark Analytics

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