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Bo-young Park, Reporter from Daily Associated News of The World Network of SNS Press, recently interviewed co-host Mr.Jong-kyu Park, CEO of WikiLeaks Korea, about the purpose of the event ‘National Assembly Forum’ which will be held on April 30.

Korea’s gross national income (GNI) per capita has officially exceeded $30,000 in Moon Jae-in’s 3rd year of administration. Meanwhile government policies related to labor, financial, corporation and economy are still key concerns of Koreans.

This policy seminar on proposal of a solution to alleviate job insecurity, as well as boosting economic growth of the Republic of Korea, is attracting attention as to whether the forum in the National Assembly will be a solution.

Interview transcript as below:

Q : What are the economic achievements of Moon Jae-In Administration for the past 2 years?

Moon Administration which started from May 2017 just entered its 3rd year. One of its most notable economic records is that GNI per capita exceeded $30,000.

The Gross National Income (GNI) per capita of Korea, which was $28,000 when the administration started, is assessed to have exceeded $30,000 threshold at the end of last year.

Q : What are the factors to impede economic growth of a country so far? Can you provide an example in terms of growth rate, employment, exports, etc.?

It is indicated that there are many barriers lying ahead for Korea in moving toward GNI per capita of $40,000 and $50,000. Its growth rate is currently balking at 2%, and its employment and exports are struggling amid adversities. Experts point out that its outdating industrial structure, ever widening gap of income inequality, low birth rate and fast aging population are crippling Korean economy.

As revisions of various laws and investigations were aimed at large companies such as Samsung, Hyundai, SK, LG, Korean Air and Asiana, which are called ‘heart of Korean economy’, Korean companies have been discouraged, some argue that policy shift is urgently needed to boost the morale and entrepreneurship of Korean companies.

Q: What topics will be focused on and discussed at the forum?

Professor Seung-wook Kim of Chung Ang University will make presentation on ‘Merits and Demerits of Jae-in Moon Administration’s Economic Policies So Far and Direction for its 3rd Year in Office’.

In addition, Professor Ki-sung Park of Sungshin Women’s University will make presentation on “Status of Government’s Labor Policy So Far and its Future Directions“, and Professor on Special Assignment, Jung-ho Kim of Yonsei Universitywill present on ‘Government Directions on Institutions for Companies’.

Besides, Jung-geun Oh, Chairman of Asian Finance Society, will present on ‘Global Financial Market and Government Direction for Financial Policies in the Age of Information Revolution’ and Dr. Jae-wan Jang on ‘Government Direction for South-North Korean Economic Cooperation under Turbulent Conditions of Korean Peninsula’.

SOURCE Daily Associated News

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