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DragonVein blockchain is designed to provide video streaming and cloud gaming services using the latest blockchain and 5G technology. VR is going to be the first killer application of the 5G Era, therefore the DragonVein project is combining VR, blockchain and 5G technology to provide the next generation VR entertainment service. With the latest 5G technology, DragonVein blockchain will be able to provide lowlatency and highspeed edge computing service for VR applications. In the near future, DragonVein will provide the blockchain and 5G services globally.

The DragonVein project exhibited the first 5G+blockchain product, the DvBox + miniVR set, at  MWC2019. In the 5G era, DvBox will use 5G edge computing technology and blockchain distributed storage technology to provide low-latency, high-speed, stable and reliable content services for global users. Together with the miniVR glasses, it can also bring the ultimate cloud-based VR experience to users.

DragonVein’s hardware development manager, Shanghai VLAVR Technology CEO Zhang Yue said at the conference that in the 5G era, each DvBox will be a node, and each node can be connected together with 5G networks. While serving global users, it can also support the entire DragonVein blockchain network system. DvBox can remain online with 5G technology and respond to IoT terminals connecting other IoT devices in the 5G era.

DragonVein will establish a large content node in Asia, and will be the first to provide a 5G technology-based blockchain content network, as DragonVein Asia Lab is preparing to start the first test. After the experiment, it will have the first device test in the DragonVein global community.

The theme of the conference was the communication technology revolution brought by 5G technology. DragonVein, as a pioneer of 5G technology, will continue to bring the latest entertainment experience to users, and will also provide new entertainment methods in the 5G era.


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