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DragonVein Project exhibits the next generation 5G blockchain product at MWC2019



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DragonVein blockchain is designed to provide video streaming and cloud gaming services using the latest blockchain and 5G technology. VR is going to be the first killer application of the 5G Era, therefore the DragonVein project is combining VR, blockchain and 5G technology to provide the next generation VR entertainment service. With the latest 5G technology, DragonVein blockchain will be able to provide lowlatency and highspeed edge computing service for VR applications. In the near future, DragonVein will provide the blockchain and 5G services globally.

The DragonVein project exhibited the first 5G+blockchain product, the DvBox + miniVR set, at  MWC2019. In the 5G era, DvBox will use 5G edge computing technology and blockchain distributed storage technology to provide low-latency, high-speed, stable and reliable content services for global users. Together with the miniVR glasses, it can also bring the ultimate cloud-based VR experience to users.

DragonVein’s hardware development manager, Shanghai VLAVR Technology CEO Zhang Yue said at the conference that in the 5G era, each DvBox will be a node, and each node can be connected together with 5G networks. While serving global users, it can also support the entire DragonVein blockchain network system. DvBox can remain online with 5G technology and respond to IoT terminals connecting other IoT devices in the 5G era.

DragonVein will establish a large content node in Asia, and will be the first to provide a 5G technology-based blockchain content network, as DragonVein Asia Lab is preparing to start the first test. After the experiment, it will have the first device test in the DragonVein global community.

The theme of the conference was the communication technology revolution brought by 5G technology. DragonVein, as a pioneer of 5G technology, will continue to bring the latest entertainment experience to users, and will also provide new entertainment methods in the 5G era.



OKEx Launches USDT-margined Perpetual Swap Trading




OKEx (, the world’s largest futures cryptocurrency exchange, is set to launch the USDT-margined Perpetual Swap Trading, a linear contract, on December 16, 2019, after the recent launch of USDT Futures Trading. While it allows users to long or short a position to profit from or hedge against the rise or decline of a digital asset’s price, there is no contract expiry nor the need for roll-over. USDT-margined Perpetual Swap offers 9 types of trading pairs including BTC, EOS, ETC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BSV, TRX and XRP with a leverage level of 0.01-100x to maximize users’ trading strategy.

OKEx Perpetual Swap, one of the most popular derivative products of its portfolio throughout the year, is a synthetic margin trading instrument that saves traders from the hassle of re-opening new positions and paying extra transaction fees for a new contract, making it an ideal instrument for long-term investment or risk hedging. Upon its launch, the trading volume of the never-expiring contract has continued to break its record high thanks to its well-received highly leveraged nature. The USDT Perpetual Swap is quoted and settled in USDT digital tokens, and each contract has a face value of fixed amount of digital token with no expiry date.

Key features of OKEx USDT-margined Perpetual Swap Trading include:

  • No contract expiry
  • Leverage level: 0.01 to 100x
  • Supported pairs: BTC, EOS, ETC, ETH, LTC, BCH, BSV, TRX and XRP
  • Daily Settlement

“OKEx has been at a stage where we kept evolving. We received great response from users after the launch of USDT futures trading last month. It has been a good example of us demonstrating our commitment in cultivating a good vibe in the derivatives space,” said Jay Hao, CEO of OKEx. “Our goal is to provide a one-stop shop for professional and retail traders, offering both spot and derivatives product portfolio at one place. We’re always working to meet the needs of users in a shifting global economy and cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

OKEx has adopted an enhanced risk management system for derivatives, which includes:

  • Mark Price — Well-established mark price system to effectively avoid huge fluctuations and unusual liquidation
  • Tiered Maintenance Margin Ratio (TMMR) System — to avoid liquidation of large positions and its after-effect on market liquidity
  • Forced Partial Liquidation Mode — to eliminate the market impact caused by many liquidated orders

USDT Perpetual Swap Simulation

From now to December 11, 2019, users can try out the trading simulation to get familar with BTCUSDT, ETHUSDT and EOSUSDT perpetual swap and get a chance to win daily and grand prizes, totaling 50,000 USDT up. Participant can obtain virtual money of 10,000 USDT each to the Perpetual Swap accounts for trial trading, i.e. 30,000 USDT in total. The virtual money is only for USDT-margined Perpetual Swap Trading and cannot be transferred or withdrawn.



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Famous Fighter Cung Le Joins Fight to Fame as Vietnam Ambassador



Cung Le Fight to Fame


On November 29, 2019Cung Le, who is a top fighter in Vietnam, officially signed on to become Fight to Fame BMS Action Star Ambassador for Vietnam. Previously, Fight to Fame has signed fighters such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu legend & trainer to Hollywood stars, Rigan Machado; Roy Jones Jr, who was champion across four weight classes with seven world championship gold belts; as well as the No.1 boxing champion in South Africa Chris Van Heerden. Added to that list now is a top champion to come out of VietnamCung Le.

When joining Fight to Fame BMS and becoming Fight to Fame’s Vietnamese Action Star Ambassador, Cung Le said, “I feel excited and blessed to have been chosen as Fight to Fame BMS’ Action Star Ambassador for Vietnam. I look forward to promoting the original blockchainmovie, and sports model of Fight to Fame worldwide to Vietnam, so that more athletes, fight fans, and audiences in Vietnam can learn about Fight to Fame and the FF tokens, and will hopefully tune in to our Fight to Fame Action Star Reality Show.  At the same time, I will call on athletes in Vietnam to sign up on our official website when registration begins next year.  I have nothing but love to all of my fellow athletes and sports fans across my country of Vietnam.  I hope you all can show the world the best that Vietnam has to offer through our upcoming fighting events and reality series, as Fight to Fame aims to create a new generation of fighting heroes. I will personally lead you into Hollywood, take part in Hollywood action movies, and earn the opportunity to also become Hollywood action stars.”

Phillipe DiazHollywood producer, director, CEO of Fight to Fame Film Committee, and chairman of Cinema Libre Studio, said, “Cung Le is new blood in global MMA champion ambassadors and plays a positive role in the development of Fight to Fame. Cung Le is an outstanding fighter, and a well-known action actor who has a lot of room for development in Hollywood. We plan to invest in several Hollywood action movies in 2020 which will feature Cung’s many talents”.

Tim Smithe, Chairman of the Fight to Fame Global Operations Committee, said: Cung Le is a fighting hero, and will attract many athletes from around the world to come to Fight to Fame, and inspire them to register online for the chance to be apart of the next generation of fighting heroes. Our cooperation with Cung Le provides a stage for athletes in Vietnam to showcase their strength & abilities. At the same time, our FF token will bring opportunities for wealth & prosperity to athletes and fans alike across the great nation of Vietnam.”

Cung Le is a highly respected Vietnamese-born American Action Star, retired mixed martial artist, Sanshou fighter, and kickboxer. He competed as a middleweight in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), holding a record of 2-2 with the organization. He is a former International Kickboxing Federation Light Heavyweight World Champion, having a professional kickboxing record of 17-0 before moving to mixed martial arts. Le is perhaps best known in mixed martial arts for competing in Strikeforce, where he defeated Frank Shamrock to become the second Strikeforce Middleweight Champion before vacating the title to further pursue his acting career, holding a record of 7-1 with the organization. Le also holds the record for the most consecutive knockouts in Strikeforce history — knocking out an impressive 6 opponents in a row.

Cung Le went from a championship fighter to become a Hollywood Action Movie Star. Le co-starred in the live-action Tekken film (based upon the popular martial arts fighting game), as well as a role in Fighting (alongside Channing Tatum). He also starred in the Hong Kong martial arts film Bodyguards & Assassins, marking the first time Cung Le had a fight scene with martial arts superstar Donnie Yen. Le also played Bronze Lion in The Man with the Iron Fists, a film directed by RZA. Since then, he has established his international status of Hollywood action movie star, and has won the enthusiastic love and kind praise of many movie and fight fans around the world – especially across southeast Asia. This Hollywood action star from Vietnam is a shining example of how a young fighter with nothing but a dream, hard work, and relentless dedication, can breakthrough in Hollywood – and become an idol and hero across Vietnam.


SOURCE Fight to Fame

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Blockchain-Enabled Lightspeed Restaurant ePOS Launches in the U.K.



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Lightspeed, a leading provider of omnichannel point of sale software, solutions and support systems for nearly 57,000 independent retail and restaurant locations worldwide, today announced the launch of a blockchain-enabled Lightspeed Restaurant platform in the U.K. The new platform enables full compliance with new Making Tax Digital regulations, and includes management capabilities for restauranteurs with multiple locations and entrepreneurs who put on large-scale events.

The new system integrates ePOS with proprietary blockchain technology to ensure compliance with tax regulations and help reduce complexity for restauranteurs related to billing and supply chain management. In practice, this ensures transaction history remains in the ledger forever, preventing deletion and editing and making record keeping entirely digital. It provides greater reliability, security and traceability for customers.

In addition, the new software incorporates serverless offline mode using peer-to-peer technology important for outdoor events, allowing restauranteurs to share data between terminals at venues with reduced digital infrastructure. It also has a scalable reporting platform built for big data.

“We continue to anticipate the needs of U.K. restauranteurs by simplifying complex reporting systems and catering to different business types,” says Dax Dasilva, Founder and CEO of Lightspeed. “Restaurant owners can expect to see improved profitability, better management of resources, and enhanced security with blockchain technology.”


SOURCE Lightspeed POS Inc.

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