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Fusion NFT™ Blockchain Company Coinllectibles™ made its plans public to acquire multinational production company Phoenix Waters Productions at an estimated price of HKD 35 million.

Phoenix Waters Productions (Hong Kong) Limited is a UK-based production company with a number of award-winning films, series, and shows. The company aims to bring local stories to global audiences through self-developed entertainment media, aided by partnerships with Asia Television and major studios from across the world.

Last month, Phoenix Waters announced the production of “Crypto Keepers”, Asia’s first NFT series. As non-fungible tokens take the art and music industries by surprise, Coinllectibles™ – being the only publicly traded Fusion NFT™ company – causes disruptions in the industry, but through the acquisition, Phoenix Waters will have a significant advantage in the market.

“I am very excited about this acquisition due to the synergies which lie between Phoenix Waters Productions and Coinllectibles™. With blockchain technology permeating the media and entertainment industry, the possibilities are endless in film making and production to evolve the experience and engagement audiences have with media and entertainment that will transform the industry.” – said Bizhan Tong, CEO and Founder of Phoenix Waters Productions. Bizhan plans to introduce the Hong Kong entertainment industry into the international market by utilizing blockchain technology.

“We are happy to acquire Phoenix Waters Productions as we see the potential of producing valuable media and entertainment physical assets for the crypto community through our proprietary Fusion NFTs™. This acquisition of Phoenix Waters Productions will help us achieve this goal,” said Toby O’Connor, CEO of Coinllectibles™.

Phoenix Waters Productions creates quality stories with the purpose of conveying messages that initiate deeper thinking. The company’s future productions include “Forensic Psychologist”, a drama series laid in Hong Kong, “Chungking Mansions”, a remake of Richard Linklater’s “Tape”, Asia’s very first NFT series “Crypto Keepers”, and “Evos”, a Hong Kong superhero series.

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