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Metaverse Blockchain Fusion NFT™ company, Coinllectibles™ is pleased to conclude a successful inaugural launch of the proprietary Fusion NFTs™ on OKEx NFT marketplace.

The first set of 3 Fusion NFTs that were put up for auction and flash sales are ceramic artworks acquired from Dr. Herbert Lee. They form part of the 2021 Coinllectibles Bronze Series 1, with independent valuations ranging from USD 64,300 to USD 128,600. All three items were sold during the inaugural launch of the NFT.

2021 Series 1 Coinllectibles Fusion NFTs Bronze #002 and #003 were successfully bid at 28 ETH (~USD 94,301) and 18 ETH (~USD 60,622) respectively while #001 was first sold for 28 ETH (~USD 94,301). #001 then saw a change of hands in the secondary market at USD 150,000, and was resold again at USD 250,000. This meant that the total turnover for the first batch of 3 Fusion NFTs™ was in excess of USD 600,000.

Commenting on the sell-out, Toby O’Connor, the CEO of Coinllectibles said, “These are very encouraging results, and we are certainly buoyed by the extremely positive response from the NFT community. We are convinced that our Fusion NFTs have shown to be an effective way to sell collectible items. What stood out for us is how these collectibles are quickly put on the secondary market for resale purposes. This is interesting to see as it seems to bring liquidity in a traditionally illiquid asset.”

“I am delighted that these ceramic artworks have found new owners. I am also very pleased with the team for having successfully applied blockchain technology together with sound legal principles to the ownership of art and collectibles in creating these Coinllectibles Fusion NFTs. We will continue to add value to the community by investing resources to enhance our Fusion NFTs to set the industry’s Gold Standard in this space,” said Dr. Herbert Lee, Advisory Board Chairman of Coinllectibles.

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