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Black Ink Tech (“BIT”) executives Jeremy Blackburn and Justin Southward, along with AuditComply CEO Kevin Donaghy proudly announced that the United States Patent Office has awarded the patent “Immutable Ledger Digital Physical Asset Audit Platform.”

NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and digital wallets ownership and use have been soaring for the average consumer. However, irregularities regarding cryptocurrencies, digital assets, and NFTs are all too common. Inaccurate transfers, challenging data confirmation processes, and inaccessible funds keep potential users at bay and force existing users to rely on trust for a technology that was meant to be based on zero trust requirements.

While blockchain offers immutability in the recording & storing of data it has, so far, been very difficult for users to verify the authenticity of the digital tokens and assets they own or wish to purchase. As a NFT’s value is greatly reliant on the genesis record referenced in the metadata (to prove it is not just a copy) this newest patent is to provide a simple transparent visual of the genesis and roadmap of a digital asset’s lifespan. Simply put, do you want to know that the cryptocurrencies shown in your wallet are actually owned by you? Or, do you want to know if a NFT is an original? a simple “touch audit” on the Black Ink Tech platform will verify where, when, what, and who related to both of these digital assets. Consumers can feel confident in their Cryptocurrency, Token, and NFT purchases & have simple full access to the metadata.

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