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SafeSwap, a leading blockchain-powered Atomic Swap platform, and growing multi-chain metaverse ecosystem, VIMworld, recently announced a partnership and the subsequent listing of VIMworld’s native token, VEED on the platform.

VIMworld recently announced their plans to migrate platform functionality to the BNB Smart Chain (BSC). Partnering with SafeSwap ensures that VIMworld’s users will have a fast and secure way to transfer their VEED tokens between VeChain and BSC, as well as Ethereum and Polygon.

Built by leading blockchain solutions provider, Safe Haven, SafeSwap provides clients a seamless, transparent and effective method for transferring digital assets between blockchains, without the risks associated with other kinds of bridging technologies.

A major advantage of SafeSwap is that the ‘Atomic Swap’ facility doesn’t hold tokens in the bridge, rather through the deployment of matching token contracts, instant liquidity is available for swaps to each chain. Funds are transferred rapidly from the user’s wallet on one chain to their wallet on the other and if a transaction fails or times out, assets are returned to their original starting location. Furthermore, through use of state-of-the-art encryption methods, the risk of exploitation of a swap in progress is eliminated.

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