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Sesame Lab (CEO Damian Kim), a blockchain-based digital key platform company based in South Korea has announced the launch of its KEYRING platform in Singapore.

Sesame Lab’s “KEYRING” is the world’s first digital key platform based on blockchain technology. Aimed at “combining every key in the world into one”, Sesame Lab launched the platform for the first time in South Korea in March and gained more than 80,000 new users in just 5 months.

KEYRING allows the user to access entrances remotely using a smartphone app and also access the entrances to hotels, shared offices, gyms and etc.

To use the KEYRING app, a small, Bluetooth-based smart access device called “DAVE” must be installed on the entrances. The device could be easily added on the upper or lower section of the entrances. The fact that KEYRING could replace plastic access cards and allow the users to safely and conveniently access entrances without the physical contact, is something a lot of users are looking forward to.

Sesame Lab’s launch of the platform in Singapore was made possible when the startup was selected by the Korean government’s overseas market expansion project after being recognised for its rapid growth in the domestic market and global market potential. Singapore is Sesame Lab’s first market outside of Korea and the startup is planning to expand globally using Singapore as the centre of the Asia-Pacific region. F10, a global innovation and accelerator platform headquartered in Switzerland will also offer Sesame Lab mentorship and support Sesame Lab’s successful landing in the Singaporean market.

“We’re launching KEYRING here in Singapore which is considered the Silicon Valley of Southeast AsiaSingapore will be the starting point of our global market expansion and we will focus on our marketing to achieve great results,” said Sesame Lab CEO Damian Kim.

Sesame Lab is a startup founded in South Korea in 2018 and it offers a blockchain-based integrated digital key platform service. The name of the startup derives from the famous magical phrase, “Open sesame” in the story of “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves”. The startup which holds capabilities to develop both hardware and software security solutions, is carrying out various projects aiming to digitalize all physical keys in the world and to make a “world without physical keys”.

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