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In the current digital age, online investing can be done faster and in an easier manner than ever before. This brings more and more investors into this field and opens the door for formerly inaccessible opportunities. However, digital trading also withholds a greater challenge of maintaining customers’ satisfaction, since so many people seek financial opportunities. Having said that, Goose24, the new trading brand, has recently announced its launch, bringing a different approach to the table.

“We believe people trading via an online platform should have complete trust in the company they trade with,” said Jordan Silver, Goose24‘s spokesperson. “Otherwise, the relationship between the trader and the brand is just unhealthy. Many investors choose their trading brand by default, not asking themselves the questions they should about the quality of the service provided. This can’t go on like that.”

A holistic approach is the answer

Nowadays more and more people discover the world of online trading and are eager to seize opportunities in it. However, many trading brands seem to either not hire sufficient manpower to live up to the increasing numbers of customers, or tend to give unprofessional service. This phenomenon is troublesome. All investors, especially novices, deserve a close and proficient accompaniment. A brokerage brand, like any other company, mustn’t take its customers for granted. Customer satisfaction should be at the top of their minds.

“Investors have been eagerly waiting for an accountable partner that will walk beside them while they explore the possibilities that online trading holds,” Silver added. “All investors deserve an established and trusted broker that has a holistic approach towards customer service. That’s because investors aren’t merely an income source for brands. They are people.”

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