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Blue Studios, the company pioneering how families invest, plan, learn, and earn together through Web3 technology, announced a partnership with Web3 identity platform and NFT domain name provider Unstoppable Domains. Blue Studios integrated Unstoppable Domains’ technology for the launch of Wallio, the first crypto wallet geared towards families. Wallio also lets users create their own DAO for family governance.

Wallio is a free wallet app that makes it easy for families to organize and manage their digital assets, letting them buy, save, and receive their favorite coins and collectibles while tracking their investments through a simple dashboard. Users can add up to six sub-accounts, manage permissions for each family member, control who can send and receive assets, and set savings goals.

“We developed the Wallio app to make it safe, easy, and intuitive for anyone in the family to join the fun of crypto, NFTs, and Web3,” said Kelley Cambry, Co-Founder at Blue Studios. “We’re happy we found the right partner to achieve this goal. Unstoppable Domains makes it easy for Wallio users to log in and send crypto with the click of a button, without compromising any of their privacy or security.”

All Blue Studios users who sign up for Wallio will receive a free NFT domain name. NFT domain names are used to log into the app and for sending and receiving crypto; replacing complicated wallet addresses. By integrating Unstoppable Domains’ Login with Unstoppable service, Wallio is able to confirm users’ identity without tracking any personal identifiable information, account addresses, or asset balances. Tutorials in the Wallio app and in Blue Studios’ educational library explain how NFT domain names work and how they help users.

“Wallio is a perfect example of breaking down barriers to Web3 by giving families an interactive, exciting way to join the ecosystem and start investing,” said Sandy Carter, Senior Vice President at Unstoppable Domains. “By providing the digital identity layer for Wallio, we’re excited to welcome new users of all ages to the Unstoppable Domains and Web3 ecosystem.”

To start your family’s journey into crypto, NFTs, and the world of Web3, sign up for the Wallio wait list here.

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