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UK based NFT Platform has partnered with songwriter Gil Cang, co-writer of the song “Whatever Happens”, which was included in album “Invincible” to be able to offer a stake of his 37.5% publishing copyright in the song.

Deliciae will exclusively market the NFT which offers the buyer a 10% of net music publishing income from the song, which equates to 26.6666667% of Gil’s entitlement.

This is a landmark moment for the NFT market and for newly established Deliciae. Founder of the platform, Seyi Awotunde, launched the platform after finding a gap in the market for a high-end marketplace to exhibit luxury artworks, vehicles, and 18ct gold membership cards. “I noticed many platforms that felt reminiscent of Ebay/Amazon – many of whom have done very well. The NFT space lacked a platform dedicated to the opposite end of the spectrum. Amongst collectors and creators there is a strong desire to enhance the buying experience of NFTs. We connect high net worth individuals with digital, physical and experiential based NFTs”

The “Whatever Happens” NFT will give the opportunity to the buyer to receive a long term residual income from their 10% share of the music publishing copyright in the song. Being the first NFT released that is associated with Michael Jackson’s music career is a pivotal moment in the crypto market. As well as a share to the rights of the song the buyer will also receive handwritten, signed lyrics from Gil Cang along with a framed platinum disc, all of which is fully authenticated.

Seyi Awotunde “As a massive Michael Jackson fan, it’s an honour to be working on such an historic NFT that is a slice from MJ’s last living album . The Invincible album sold over 8 million copies world-wide. This NFT being sold on Deliciae fills me with joy that I can’t express in words.”

“NFTs really exploded from obscurity to becoming Collins Dictionary’s word of the year for 2021. I feel the UK is perfectly positioned to be a leader in this exciting space with so much creativity, culture and talent to offer.”

Gil Cang: “The idea for selling a percentage of ‘Whatever Happens’ came about because I was talking about NFTs with a friend Kwame Kwaten. I think the future involves the breakdown of all big corporations controlling art forms and that is of interest to people.”

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