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Recently, BetaMars project has been heating in the global metaverse market. It has already received a public attention since its exposure to the market in less than a month, raising $8 million investment now. BetaMars is architectured by global top blockchain team, committed to building a highly decentralized metaverse world.

BetaMars Character Concept (Official Display)

BetaMars Officials released their character concepts in 27th and 29th December and conducted polls for their male and female Miner characters. The character concepts protrude a sense of science and technology. The high-tech equipment on characters is a forecast of future ventures in BetaMars world.

More Elements In Human Nature Compared With Other Metaverse Projects.

BetaMars is an innovative metaverse project. In BetaMars world, players will lead the way of constructing the world civilization. In BetaMars 1.0, there are 3 game mechanisms: Exploitation, Tax, Revolution, all of which will inspire players to think and create, triggering a mutual gambling among players. In BetaMars 2.0, world’s civilization and commercial system will be developed from revolutions and class struggles. In the process, BetaMars will start from agrarian society and finally walk into modern society.

Metaverse projects is hitting the world. What will be the the future of BetaMars? Wait and see.

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