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LaLiga partners Dapper Labs to introduce the new Official Football NFT Collectible Highlights at scale. The partnership was announced on September 22, 2021, and the new experience will launch on Flow in Summer 2022. The new experience will give football fans the ability to collect and own some of the most awe-inspiring and iconic in-game Moments from their favorite LaLiga clubs. Created by the team behind NBA Top Shot, the collectibles will feature dynamic video-based Moments from all of LaLiga’s clubs.

Fans entering into the new experience will instantly be immersed in football culture. They will also be able to buy or sell parts of their collections with other users through a dedicated peer-to-peer marketplace. All transactions can be made via credit card through a Dapper wallet.

“The partnership between LaLiga and Dapper Labs will bring us even closer to our fans worldwide through a new and growing medium, and alongside the industry partner that created the NFT video product for NBA” said Javier Tebas, president at LaLiga. “This experience will have soccer fans all over the world at the center, giving them a platform and product to enjoy and express their passion for LaLiga in a unique and different way.”

The collectibles will feature recent Moments as well as historical ones from a rich archive, bringing fans closer to the rich history and heritage of one of the best leagues, bridging the past and the present. Additionally, the platform will give fans a way to be part of the in-game action through a variety of fan activations. They will be able to enter contests and win valuable prizes.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be partnering with LaLiga to launch the ultimate fan-driven highlights collectible experience that is unlike anything in the space before,” said Caty Tedman, Head of Partnerships for Dapper Labs. “With over 3.5 billion football fans around the globe, the experience’s layered environment has the power to revolutionize how fans connect to the sport of football and how they engage with the teams and the players they love, both virtually and in real life. We look forward to working alongside LaLiga, home to some of the best clubs  on the planet to bring this wildly new and dynamic fan-driven experience to football lovers everywhere.”

“As Barcelona’s captain for a decade, I enjoyed some of LaLiga’s greatest moments. I also experienced some of the game’s biggest lows; but in spite of it all, the game would be impossible to play without our fans,” said Carles Puyol, six time LaLiga champion, 3-time UEFA Champions League champion, and captain of FC Barcelona from 2004 to 2014. “Fans give us energy that encourages us not to give up. They help us dig in when we’ve got nothing left and they give us support when we need it. To be able to be a part of an experience that brings players one step closer to their biggest advocates is exciting and meaningful. I look forward to what this relationship holds.”

Like NBA Top Shot, the new experience is built on the Flow blockchain, developed for consumer experiences at scale. Flow allows fans to trace and verify the authenticity and scarcity of their digital collectibles.

This agreement is also part of the efforts of LaLiga North America (joint venture between LaLiga and Relevent Sports), which has an active role searching and looking for new interesting and attractive partners and industries to involve with LaLiga.

For more information on the new experience and how to sign up in advance for experience, please visit laliga.onflow.org.

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