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Powerbridge Technologies Co., Ltd., a SaaS solutions and Blockchain applications provider, launched its FXOS, an Ethereum (and other GPU-based cryptocurrencies) mining operating system with integrated proprietary AI. The automated intelligent OS increases Ethereum mining efficiency by an estimated 15%.

Powerbridge Technologies specializes in SaaS solutions and Blockchain applications. Powerbridge SaaS integrates AI, big data, and IoT offering SaaS platforms for cross-border eCommerce, supply chain, data intelligence, and IoT applications and devices.

The Linus-based OS can be deployed for large-sized mining operations of 100,000 level of mining machines with highly automated and intelligent functionalities for system operations and maintenance. An application of FXOS is also available for both iOS, Android, Applet, and Web.

FXOS integrates AI algorithms with sensors and controllers with smart, user-friendly tools. Users can monitor operating status, manage GPU overclocking, adjust mining parameters, adapt to maximized power consumption, and turn it on and off remotely.

“I am pleased that FXOS is available. As we are deploying our crypto mining machines, having our own mining OS is equally important in our efforts to develop a network of mining operations with higher-than-market ETH mining efficiency,” said Stewart Lor, the President of Powerbridge Technologies.

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