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The recently introduced DeFi innovation, the Narni Bridge by Umbria now allows quick, easy, and cheap cross-chain migration of USDT.

The Narni Bridge allows users to transfer USDT from the Ethereum network to the Polygon network at an average cost of $2.80, taking on average 47 seconds for the transfer to complete. The transfer from Polygon to Ethereum takes about two minutes and 12 seconds and costs on average $5.62. Compared to other methods in use, this is significantly less expensive and much quicker.

“With Narni, it’s a lot easier for people to use their crypto assets across different networks, and the addition of USDT is another milestone,” said Oscar Chambers, Co-lead developer of Umbria. “We’re going to be rapidly introducing other assets with an initial focus on stablecoins. We are already seeing the staking feature of the Narni Bridge attracting yield farmers to provide valuable liquidity to bridge the Matic and Ethereum communities and in return provide themselves with a lucrative return on their crypto.”

In addition to bridging the Stablecoin quickly between the Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon network with extremely low fees, users can now use Narni’s ‘pool and earn’ feature. Lending USDT to the bridge in the pooling system earns APY (a return similar to interest on deposits). Liquidity providers receive fees every time users bridge USDT between the networks. The popularity and wide use of Stablecoins are expected to bring higher fee generation.

Find out more about the Narni Bridge on the Umbria documentation page: bridge.umbria.network/docs

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