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AurumFalcon Launches Luxury Fashion with the World’s First Gold Fashion Brand



Dubai, United Arab Emirates–(Newsfile Corp. – May 13, 2023) – AurumFalcon, the trailblazing gold fashion brand, has developed a new approach in the Gold fashion industry with its commitment to luxury, craftsmanship, and investment value. AurumFalcon, based in Dubai’s exclusive Business Bay, has solidified its position as the first gold fashion brand in the world by providing a wide range of trading items that combine grandeur and long-term value.

Each piece at AurumFalcon is painstakingly created in Dubai from the finest components. Each component is carefully chosen to create unique items, from the gorgeous 22-karat pure gold to the glittering VVS diamonds and real gemstones. AurumFalcon offers a luxury experience for its discerning clientele by focusing on procuring the highest quality materials, such as Swiss cotton and German Nappa leather. The brand’s commitment to excellence is evident in its distinctive and opulent packaging, which gives each purchase a final flourish of luxury.

The father and son team behind AurumFalcon set out to build a company that would provide clients with unusual and magnificent designs.  The founders stated, “We wanted to create a clothing brand that would give customers the satisfaction of owning a distinctive and lovely piece as well as a smart opportunity that could benefit them in the long run.”

Every piece, from formal and opulently designed t-shirts and gowns to casual tees, is expertly made, capturing the attention of fashion fans worldwide.

The dedication to accessibility that AurumFalcon has distinguished it from conventional luxury businesses. Because of the brand’s innovative investment strategy, more people can now afford to acquire high-end clothing. AurumFalcon allows people from all walks of life to enjoy the long-term advantages of owning a timeless piece of apparel.


The CEO of AurumFalcon, Omar Al Wany, emphasized his excitement for the company’s future by saying, “AurumFalcon is not just a gold fashion brand; it’s a smart opportunity that combines classic style, quality craftsmanship, and exceptional value for our customers.” With a forward-thinking attitude, AurumFalcon is poised to make an everlasting impression on the fashion world.

About the Company – AurumFalcon

A renowned gold fashion label with a base in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is AurumFalcon. AurumFalcon was established with a love of luxury and a goal to redefine fashion, and since its start, it has grown to be a well-known brand.

For more information about AurumFalcon and to explore their exquisite collection of investment pieces, potential clients can visit,



Media Details:

Company Name: AurumFalcon

Contact Person Name: Omar Al Wany CEO,

Contact Email Address: [email protected]


Address: Dubai, UAE.

To view the source version of this press release, please visit

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Blockchain Firm Squad Labs Raises $10 Million for Smart Wallet




Squad Labs announced that its Series A funding round, led by Electric Capital with participation from RockawayX, Coinbase Ventures, L1D, Placeholder, and Mert Mumtaz, will propel the launch of its Fuse smart wallet. The company aims to establish Fuse as a premier solution for securing and compounding personal digital wealth amid the growing onchain economy.

According to the company’s news release on June 12, smart accounts and smart wallets are gaining traction across blockchains as they offer a more intuitive, secure, and programmable user experience. Fuse abstracts seed phrases and provides features like wallet recovery, 2FA capabilities, and enterprise-level security for personal custody, simplifying the choice of storing digital wealth on-chain.

In addition to securing funding, Squad Labs also announced the public testing launch of Fuse on iOS. This move is part of their strategy to expand accessibility and refine functionality ahead of a full market release.

Meanwhile, a recent report from PYMNTS Intelligence explores blockchain’s role in enhancing cross-border payments. It suggests that integrating blockchain can streamline payment processing, enable digital-to-fiat currency conversion, and introduce stablecoins for faster and cost-effective cross-border transactions. Business-friendly decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions further automate and secure transactions via smart contracts, reducing dependence on traditional payment systems and enhancing security and transparency.


The report underscores the significance of educating businesses and end-users about the benefits of blockchain-based cross-border payments. It advocates for partnerships with FinTechs and proactive engagement with financial institutions to drive adoption and improve industry-wide support for blockchain technologies in payments.

Overall, Squad Labs’ funding round and Fuse’s development represent strategic advancements in blockchain technology aimed at enhancing digital wealth management and transforming cross-border payment landscapes.


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