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Comparaencasa Unveils New Way of Acquiring Digital Insurance Backed up by World Class Investors



Sao Paulo, Brazil–(Newsfile Corp. – November 8, 2022) – Comparaencasa, a digital insurance broker, is excited to introduce its new technology in acquiring insurance for customers in emerging markets.

Co-founders of Comparaencasa: Lucas L. Velez, Sebastián Ferro, Laura Hernández and Rodrigo Carreras.

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Lucas Lezcano Velez, CEO and Co-founder of Comparaencasa: “We are working with the leaders of the insurance market to provide a truly outstanding product range and service for customers. Therefore, car owners can find the best insurance in the market in one place. It is super simple, with no long-forms, and no unwanted phone calls.”

Comparaencasa is a digital insurance marketplace that connects customers and insurer carriers, enabling customers to get the best insurance products in seconds. It has recently expanded its operations through making acquisitions across Latin America.

With the current focus on car insurance, the company aims to transform how customers in emerging markets acquire their insurance products by ensuring transparency and efficiency.

The company adapted new digital insurance technologies to bridge the gap between Latin American insurance agents and target insurance clients, who may lack access to sufficient and reliable insurance-related information.

Comparaencasa has partnerships and technology integrations with over 80 insurers across all markets. The company has built a fully digital product with a scalable business model, a potential strategic asset for many institutions in the region like banks, neobanks and digital car resellers.

“We have been playing this game for some time now and with a new investment early this year from IDC Ventures (Top 10 investors in Latam by FinTech Global Research) and the venture corporate arm of IRSA, we have speeded up our crusade across the region,” shares Velez.

Comparaencasa has gained support from customers, insurers and investors. It has closed deals with some of the most trusted and expert investors in their field and region that will be investing alongside with other venture capitals in the new round the company is currently opening.

Comparaencasa’s mission is to democratize insurance to the most vulnerable in Latin America while simultaneously supporting the other ventures the company is currently opening.

About Comparaencasa

Comparaencasa is a start-up digital insurance company backed by artificial intelligence and RPA technology, which started in Argentina and currently has operations in Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile. It was formed through the CEO and co-founder Lucas Lezcano Velez’s life-changing childhood experience where he was saved from his homeless condition by a life insurance policy left to his name, which ignited his passion for becoming an entrepreneur with the mission to spread insurance to the most vulnerable.

Contact Details:

Contact Person: Manuel Reimundes, Corporate Development and IR of Comparaencasa
Email: [email protected]

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Correction: CBiGroup Completes $15M Series A Funding, Focuses on R&D




CBiGroup Completes $15M Series A Funding, Focuses on R&D

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COTI V2 changing private play on blockchain via encrypted circuit




COTI V2 is revolutionizing blockchain technology with private play through encrypted circuits, offering enhanced speed and efficiency. Currently, the Genesis builder network is live, and the company is inviting developers to join their program. The network supports private play upgrades for Ethereum.

As a privacy-focused Ethereum layer 2 solution, COTI V2 employs advanced encryption technology and encrypted circuits, enabling operations on all devices without compromising personal data.

The primary goal of COTI V2, as outlined in its whitepaper, is to address private play issues on blockchains. Developers can protect privacy through encrypted circuits. The COTI V2 Devnet provides a user-friendly, connectible EVM space (gcEVM) using the Solidity programming language.

Additionally, the COTI V2 network offers developers tools for privacy play with TypeScript and Python SDKs, along with EVM RPC, documentation, a faucet, an explorer, and Hardhat.

COTI has received positive feedback from Civic, a provider of Web3 identification toolkits.

The COTI Foundation plans to launch a privacy-focused growth fund, the ABC Growth Fund, allocating 400 million COTI tokens to provide real-time privacy services.

Developers using the COTI V2 builder network can explore use cases such as confidential DeFi, private payment transactions, stablecoins and RWAs, on-chain data control, confidential AI and machine learning, and decentralized identity recognition.

According to COTI CEO Shahaf Bar-Geffen, the COTI V2 builder and developer program is now available to the public, inviting developers to join the network.


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Justin Sun Emphasizes the Importance of User Protection




Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron Foundation, recently emphasized the critical importance of protecting users in the cryptocurrency sector. Drawing on the experiences of industry leaders like Jack Ma and Changpeng Zhao, Sun argued that prioritizing user safety above the interests of investors, partners, and employees is essential for building trust and ensuring the sector’s long-term sustainability.

He acknowledged that this focus is challenging but necessary for fostering a secure and reliable crypto environment. Sun’s perspective highlights the need for the crypto industry to evolve in a way that prioritizes user interests. He believes that learning from successful leaders can help guide this process. By adopting these principles, the industry can better protect its users and create a more trustworthy ecosystem. Sun’s advocacy for user protection underscores a broader vision of developing a safer, more user-centric cryptocurrency landscape.

His comments reflect a commitment to ensuring that the industry’s growth is not only rapid but also responsible and sustainable. This approach, according to Sun, will ultimately benefit everyone involved in the cryptocurrency space by fostering greater confidence and reliability in digital financial systems.


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