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Zug, Switzerland–(Newsfile Corp. – September 13, 2022) – The cryptocurrency company, which has presence in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, and the UAE, is launching a new, unique product named TRES Gold, which helps investors all around the world buy gold in digital form. The crypto asset industry is changing; the relationship between the real world and the virtual world is developing.

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Tres NFT Gold

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The launch of Tres Gold NFT: what can it do for the world?

The Tres Gold NFT product is being developed by the holding company TRES, which was founded in 2020. The company’s key area is storing, purchasing, selling, and issuing cryptocurrencies.

TRES Gold NFT is a product that allows users all over the world to purchase gold in the form of a unique NFT. The physical gold from these purchases is stored in Liechtenstein and the United Arab Emirates.

The idea behind NFTs is that it’s a cryptographic certificate that proves you own a unique item. NFTs can represent any unique object, e.g., an image on the internet. However, NFT technology can also be combined with things from the real world.

The fact that digital tokens could have these features prompted the Tres Gold NFT team to create a new product that could combine the unique nature of NFTs with real gold.

The result is that people all over the world can now easily buy real gold. By buying NFT gold in digital form, you’re buying a gold bar without needing to go somewhere like a bank.

This service is suitable for people that want to diversify their financial portfolio and buy bars of real gold from the comfort of their own home.

Legality and innovation

“The main benefits of our product is that it’s quick and easy to buy gold in digital form, the gold is reliably stored in some of the most protected jurisdictions on the planet, and the fact that the process of interacting with the company’s product itself is fully legal at every step,” said TRES Holding’s R&D department.

The company has a license to create and issue NFTs, and to store, purchase and sell cryptocurrency in Dubai and Liechtenstein. It also has approval to carry out its activities from Dubai’s financial regulator. The group of companies has a great number of licenses that give it the legal right to work with digital gold. These include TRES DLT DMCC in Dubai in 2021 to issue utility tokens, SIMBA STORAGE DMCC in Dubai in 2021 to store BTC and other cryptocurrencies, and TRES OTC DMCC in Dubai in 2021 to purchase and sell BTC and other cryptocurrencies.

The process of purchasing gold on the platform looks like this:

Users need only to register on the website https://my.simba.storage/, confirm their identity and funding origin, connect a wallet, and carry out a payment, and they’ll have a gold bar in digital form that can be stored long term, resold on popular NFT trading platforms, or traded for a real gold bar.

What’s the verdict?

Thanks to Tres Gold’s new product, millions of investors all over the world can now balance their portfolios not just with shares and cryptocurrencies, but also real gold. The world at the moment is unstable, both national currencies and cryptocurrencies are unstable. If you want the purchasing process to be completed quickly, properly, and legally, then it’s no stretch to say that it’s best to look towards licensed companies and their innovative products.

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