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Internet City, Dubai–(Newsfile Corp. – September 13, 2022) – Infinity Rocket Сompany has been developing a new launchpad platform that allows start-ups to successfully promote their projects on blockchain since 2021.

Infinity Rocket Platform is multifunctional, it provides all the necessary services: IT and marketing, token creation and listing on DEX exchanges, token promotion and investor attraction. Moreover, it is even possible to control token dynamics on the exchange via the platform using Market Maker Tools software package.

Infinity Rocket is pleased to announce the Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform open Beta-testings that have started on September 12th, 2022. After this stage, the Platform will receive applications from start-ups and launch first projects.

Now everybody observing the IRT token entry threshold can participate in testing. Infinity Rocket Token (IRT) is the company’s own token which is traded on diverse exchanges, such as LBank Exchange. The total trading volume of IRT reaches 2.0 million USDT per day.

Introducing Infinity Rocket

Infinity Rocket is the multi-purpose platform that allows users to simplify the launch and promotion of any projects on the blockchain. Once connected to Infinity Rocket Platform, users will get a unique data asset, which enables real value creation through user generated events, lead captures, marketing promotions and much more. The platform will be providing promotional services for token launch. All of the assistance will be billed based on the commission from the generated net profit, and all Infinity Rocket Launchpads that will be listed on DEX Exchanges will be promoted by the platform.

There are several IT and marketing services provided by Infinity Rocket, including providing a simple start in cryptoverse with project idea and management service; branding the projects with logo, style and website designs; providing access to a set of instructions for ensuring the security and privacy of the project; launching a token for any purpose; providing Wallet Listing; working with completely anonymous clients; and much more.

The team of Infinity Rocket has specialists from different spheres: IT, marketing, SEO, consulting, etc. With an international team including 12 highly competent specialists in business and science, Infinity Rocket aims to support fundamental projects that enter the cryptocurrency world with a professional, fitted, and elastic marketing approach.

About IRT Token

Infinity Rocket Token (IRT) is the central part of Infinity Rocket Ecosystems. Based on BEP-20, IRT has a total supply of 200 million (i.e. 200,000,000) tokens, of which 50% will be burnt. The remaining 1 million tokens are distributed as follows: 30% is provided for exchange liquidity, 10% is allocated to founders and team, another 10% is allocated to advisors, 30% is reserved, and the rest 20% will be used for marketing.

Learn More about Infinity Rocket:

Infinity Rocket Launchpad Platform:
Official Website:

Contact Details:
Vic Wild CCO Infinity Rocket
[email protected]

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Merging Traditions with Fintech and Blockchain Innovations





Financial Evolution: Merging Traditions with Fintech and Blockchain Innovations at MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit

The financial industry is undergoing a seismic shift as fintech and blockchain technologies pave the way for unprecedented innovation and transformation. At the upcoming MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit, a high-profile panel titled “Financial Evolution: Merging Traditions with Fintech and Blockchain Innovations” will delve deep into this exciting evolution. This session will explore how established financial institutions are integrating these advanced technologies to revolutionize services, enhance security, and increase efficiency.

Moderator: Anna Agu

Leading the panel is Anna Agu, CEO and Managing Partner at Lex Law Office OU and Director at Lex Law Office LT UAB. With her extensive legal expertise in the fintech sector, Agu is perfectly positioned to guide the discussion, ensuring a thorough exploration of the delicate balance between maintaining traditional financial principles and embracing innovative technologies.


  • Merit Leib – Compliance Consultant at LEIB Regulatory & Compliance Risk Consulting
  • Astra Tikas – Founding Board Member of INO (Internet Native Organization)
  • Dr. Dean Rakic – Chief Scientist at Blockcontrol
  • Saulius Racevicius – Senior Associate of PSP Lab LLP and Board Member of the Fintech Hub LT
  • Evaldas Krampas – CEO at SpectroCoin and Head of Crypto Hub Lithuania

Why Attend?

The “Financial Evolution: Merging Traditions with Fintech and Blockchain Innovations” panel at the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit is a must-attend for professionals across the financial sector. Here’s why:

  1. Gain Comprehensive Insights: Learn from top experts about the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in fintech and blockchain.
  2. Regulatory Perspectives: Understand the importance of compliance and how to navigate regulatory challenges effectively.
  3. Technical Knowledge: Dive deep into the technical aspects of blockchain integration and learn about cutting-edge developments.
  4. Practical Implementation: Gain practical insights into how traditional financial institutions are successfully integrating new technologies.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry leaders and peers who are driving innovation in finance.

Join Us

This panel provides a unique opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving financial landscape. Join us at the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit to explore how fintech and blockchain technologies are reshaping finance and what it means for the future. Engage with industry leaders, gain actionable insights, and network with peers at the forefront of financial innovation.

Secure your spot today and be part of this transformational journey. Don’t miss the chance to be involved in discussions that will shape the future of finance. See you at the MARE BALTICUM Gaming & TECH Summit!

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