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Device Authority and Intercede distribute SBOMs using RKVST SBOM Hub



RKVST SBOM Hub makes it easy to build supply chain transparency with zero trust fabric

Infosecurity Europe, London and Cambridge UK – June 21, 2022: Zero Trust fabric provider, RKVST announces that its SBOM Hub is being used by Device Authority and Intercede to list and distribute their Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs) meeting the foundational requirements of the US cybersecurity Executive Order 14028, improving the security of software cyber supply chains with zero trust.

An SBOM provides an inventory of all the software components in a particular application, creating essential visibility into the software supply chain. Yet this information also needs to be easily discovered and accessible to authorized security and compliance stakeholders. RKVST SBOM Hub is a free cloud service that makes it easy to discover, store and distribute SBOMs and allows suppliers and consumers alike to search for publicly discoverable SBOMs and find privately shared SBOMs.

SBOMs matter because they help organizations ensure that the software and applications they use are auditable, up-to-date and patched against known security vulnerabilities. Beyond complying with the recent Executive Order related to cybersecurity, actively using an auditable SBOM is an essential pillar of zero trust in the software supply chain. The success of SBOMs, however, rests on enabling software suppliers and consumers to each use their preferred tools and to distribute and share their SBOMs through APIs. RKVST SBOM Hub makes it easy to deliver verifiable trust in data exchanges while enabling business users with no-code controls to govern data privacy, distribution and transparency.

Robert Dobson, VP Technology Partners at Device Authority said:
As a provider of critical software, suppling identity lifecycle management and zero trust capabilities for IoT, we must comply with the SBOM mandate and distribute or make available our SBOM. Our KeyScaler™ IoT Security Platform can be used to enhance the consumption of SBOMs, enforcing a zero trust and remediation model to manage and mitigate risk into critical supply chains. RKVST delivers both use cases with a simple API integration.

Allen Storey, Chief Product Officer at Intercede said:
“Our customers are asking for the SBOM of MyID to comply with the US Executive Order. Emailing ZIP files of SBOMs is a job neither we nor our customers want, especially considering we’re one of many critical software suppliers. RKVST is the trustworthy scalable platform that enables our customers to integrate with whichever tools they prefer and is open to all other software suppliers who need to distribute their SBOMs.”

Our customers are asking for SBOMs to comply with the US Executive Order. Emailing ZIP files of SBOMs is a job neither we nor our customers want, especially considering we’re one of many critical software suppliers. RKVST is the trustworthy scalable platform that enables our customers to integrate with whichever tools they prefer and is open to all other software suppliers who need to distribute their SBOMs.

Rob Brown, vice president business development at RKVST said:
“The Executive Order calls for Zero Trust and SBOMs bring the vital transparency needed to verify trustworthiness in the cyber supply chain. Continuous automated transfer of SBOMs within producers’ and consumers’ preferred tools such as Software Composition Analysis (SCA) and Security Orchestration and Automated Response (SOAR) is an approach that scales successfully. RKVST SBOM Hub has the APIs that deliver the right data to the right place to drive the right decisions, so all can verify then bridge the trust gap.”

For more information, please visit RKVST SBOM Hub

If you’re visiting Infosecurity Europe 2022, ExCel, London 21-23 June, you can see RKVST SBOM Hub in use on the RKVST stand L115.

RKVST is also speaking at Infosecurity Europe as follows:
Tuesday, 21 June, 14:30-14:45, Innovation Showcase – Bridging the Trust Gap, Jon Geater
Wednesday, 22 June, 12:00-12:15, Innovation Showcase – Partner to Bridge the Trust Gap, Rob Brown
Thursday, 23 June, 12:00-13:00, N80 – Infosecurity Magazine panel discussion Quantum and Cyber

About RKVST zero trust fabric
RKVST (pronounced Archivist) is a SaaS platform that bridges the trust gap between enterprises.

Customers use RKVST to solve challenges in handling nuclear waste, software transparency, zero trust connected devices, compliance in construction industries and many more business problems that could be solved if you only knew confidently who what did when to make reliable business decisions with real-time trust context.

RKVST captures the identity of sources and origin of data (provenance), enforces sharing and visibility rules with strong cryptography (governance), and is underpinned by a ledger that prevents forgery, back-dating, or shredding of evidence (immutability). Together, provenance, governance and immutability bridge the trust gap.

RKVST was founded by experts in IoT, cybersecurity, digital identity and blockchain with a vision to overcome the biggest challenge in digital transformation and connected operations: trust. RKVST products and services bridge the trust gap, enabling developers to build, and business users to control, verifiable digital trust between organizations. To learn more visit

Note to editors:
For more information or to arrange a meeting at Infosecurity Europe, please contact:
Tracey Treanor or Peter Rennison, PRPR, [email protected] / [email protected], + 44 (0)1442 245030

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Vitalik Buterin claws back crypto community’s right to redefine ‘inflation’




Ethereum’s co-founder argues for the crypto community’s authority to redefine “inflation” as the expansion of currency supply, challenging conventional economic definitions and tackling misinformation.

Vitalik Buterin, one of the creators of Ethereum, has emphasized that the crypto community has already staked its claim to redefine the term “inflation.”

Buterin’s remarks were prompted by a post from digital media outlet Axios, which humorously suggested that “inflation” now refers to high prices rather than the traditional concept of rising costs.

Although the Axios post was presented in a lighthearted manner, Community Notes (CN) clarified that the definition of inflation remains unchanged.

Buterin’s response, posted on Farcaster, contested Axios’ interpretation of inflation by asserting that the crypto community has already reshaped the meaning of the term.

“[…] we already decided that it now just means ‘increase in the total supply of a currency’.”

Buterin’s rebuttal garnered support from other users on Farcaster, including former Coinbase employee Binji.eth.

Traditionally, inflation refers to the general increase in the price level of goods and services, resulting in decreased purchasing power as currency value diminishes.

However, Buterin’s argument suggests a cultural shift in the definition of inflation, proposing that ongoing global inflation arises from an essentially unlimited increase in the total supply of currency.

Tech investor Lee Edwards criticized Axios’ initial post for perpetuating misconceptions rather than educating readers.

Buterin has recently been active on Farcaster, advocating for community-driven solutions and initiatives focused on preserving privacy and addressing exploitation issues.

While Buterin has not commented on the concerns surrounding Ethereum Foundation researchers Dankrad Feist and Justin Drake’s involvement with EigenLayer, their decision to become advisors at EigenLayer in exchange for significant compensation in EIGEN tokens has sparked debate within the crypto community.

While some members support the transparency of the disclosures, others have criticized the decision, suggesting that the substantial compensation could influence decision-making.


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Blockchain dev Sphere introduces bank-to-wallet Telegram extension




Sphere Labs, a blockchain developer dedicated to facilitating stablecoin services for corporate clients, has unveiled a new fiat on-ramp and off-ramp tailored to operate within Telegram.

The bank-to-wallet extension enables Telegram users to seamlessly transfer funds between their bank accounts and wallets directly within the Telegram app, with an advertised fee of 0.1% per transaction for early adopters.

This service will be available to early adopters starting the week of May 27, with a full rollout expected later this year.

While users from any unsanctioned country can utilize the Telegram extension, they are required to link the service with a bank account denominated in United States dollars or euros.

Telegram remains a hotbed of crypto innovation and development, boasting a plethora of bots and applications such as Unibet and the CoinGecko bot, fostering a robust blockchain ecosystem within the platform.

At the heart of Telegram’s appeal to crypto investors, speculators, and enthusiasts lies the Telegram Open Network (TON), which integrates various components including the TON Blockchain, TON DNS, TON storage, and TON Sites, offering users a comprehensive solution for all their Web3 requirements.

According to DemandSage, Telegram boasts an impressive 800 million monthly active users, with over 52 million users engaging with the platform on a daily basis. DemandSage also reports that a staggering 15 billion messages are exchanged on Telegram daily, with the app being downloaded more than 1 billion times. Telegram is projected to reach 1 billion users by the end of 2024.

Furthermore, India ranks as the country with the highest number of Telegram users, estimated at 104 million users, making the platform an ideal environment for delivering fintech services to emerging markets.

The expansion of financial services to developing countries remains a central focus of the blockchain industry, with companies like Ripple Labs and Standard Diamond Co. striving to develop innovative solutions for those lacking adequate financial services in the modern era.


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