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Jinan, Shandong, China–(Newsfile Corp. – May 26, 2022) – On May 24th 2022, the Jinan International Communication Center has been officially established. At the opening ceremony, participants watched the Jinan city promotion film ‘The Springs World’, which was also shown at the Times Square in New York, USA, at the same time. Let Jinan open up to the world and let the world know about Jinan.

Jinan has a long history and cultural heritage, with 8,000 years of spring water history, 4,600 years of civilization history, and 2,600 years of city history. Thousands of years of cultural heritage built the city’s profound cultural accumulation. Jinan is immersed in the culture of the Yellow River, where Longshan culture, Qilu culture, spring culture and other cultures blend together to form the essence of thoughts. The natural features of Jinan are as elegant and ethereal as south of the Yangtze River. Looking north from Qianfo Mountain, the nine mountains around are majestic, and the 872 mountains in Jinan are magnificent. The mountains and Jinan city are integrated into one. More than 1,000 natural springs have their own characteristics, especially most famous of which are the seventy-two springs of the past generations. Daming Lake, which is poetic and picturesque, is formed by the gathering of spring water. There are 136 rivers including the Yellow River and the Xiaoqing River that crisscross in Jinan. The historical ancient city has its own grace, and the mountains, springs, lakes, rivers and the spring city, are appropriate to each other.

With the establishment of the Jinan International Communication Center, Jinan, the ‘Spring City’, will further spread its history, culture, local characteristics and cultural features in various forms such as images and short videos to the world, telling the story of Jinan and spreading the voice of Jinan.

The Spring World: Welcome to Jinan

Let the world hear the voice of Jinan – the Jinan International Communication Center has been officially established
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