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Leeds, United Kingdom–(Newsfile Corp. – April 12, 2022) – GWS, Generational Wealth Society has just crossed over $60,000 worth tokens which have been verifiably burned. The GWS team has been hard at work behind the scenes to ensure the success and progress of GWS and its future endeavors. 

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How will GWS do all of these things?

A) Generate a supply : GWS will be utilizing inflation created by staking and bonding protocols.

B) Build a treasury : GWS will be utilizing a bonding protocol to build a treasury for the DAO to allocate and earn with/from.

C) Create a multitude of revenue streams : GWS will be using the treasury funding from bonds to allocate toward revenue streams both in DeFi and in the real world. Some of their first prospective real world investments are solar farms, solar powered mining facilities, cryptocurrency ATMs, validator nodes and hotel chains.

D) Design, build, launch and maintain their own blockchain: GWS has land mark treasury TVL targets with dedicated allocations towards blockchain development. GWS will be recruiting a team of blockchain developers to independently develop, build and maintain the GWS blockchain in its entirety. GWS has pre-dedicated over $10,000,000 of projected treasury funding toward blockchain development.

E) Maintain blockchain funding via pre-established revenue streams : The revenue streams created throughout the staking and bonding phases are meant to fund the blockchain for generations to come.

For more information regarding GWS and its founding principles please read the Company’s gitbook.

GWS Current Achievements

Up to this point, GWS has achieved the following:

  • Over $300,000 of protocol owned liquidity.
  • Over 450 holders.
  • Over 200 stakers.
  • $250,000 treasury land mark achieved.
  • Over $300,000 bonded in total.
  • Inflation controlled to 25% at its current point.
  • Burn taxes and weekly burns sufficiently combating inflation at its current stage.
  • Multiple influencers, call channels, YouTubers and other marketing promotions already executed.
  • Strong community base to build from.

GWS upcoming events:

Development, advancement and consistent momentum are very important to the team and council. There is always something else being worked up behind the scenes to create more utility, integration or complexity for the future.

Some of the things GWS has that are beginning development/currently under-development are:

DAO proposal and voting system : The GWS developers are in the final pre-development steps to get moving on their proposal and voting platform. GWS feels this is an important priority because without proposals, voting and community involvement then they aren’t truly operating as a DAO should.

Collateralization protocol : The GWS developers are also in the final pre-development stages for what will be known as GWS collateralization pools. These pools will work similarly to how Aave collateralization functions.

User A deposits X $GWS tokens.

User A can then withdraw X% of the deposited $GWS value as Ether, USDC, DAI.

Based on the total % of funding withdrawn, User A will have an interest rate, a liquidiation risk and all of the other normal functions of a lending protocol.

Centralized exchange listing :  $GWS tokens will be listed on the Coinstore centralized exchange, paired with USDT. There will be a 10% tax on sells, which will all be burned during the GWS weekly burn events. This listing will occur on April 13-14 of 2022.

First real world investment pending approval: The GWS council is pending approval of the first real world investment of GWS. Their first real world investment will be in one, or multiple cryptocurrency ATM’s. These will be strategically placed in areas of high traffic such as shopping malls, airports, and places similar to those. By investing in crypto ATMs the council feels that they are helping to aid in the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies, as well as advertising GWS on every GWS owned crypto ATM and being able to accept $GWS tokens at these crypto ATMs.

Marketing: GWS is constantly creating new marketing avenues and reusing more successful older strategies that have already been utilized. Marketing is a constant effort to use marketing funding in a constructive and effective way.

About GWS

GWS, or the Generational Wealth Society, is a multi phased DAO designed to:

A) Generate a supply.
B) Build a treasury.
C) Create a multitude of revenue streams.
D) Design, build, launch and maintain our own unique layer one blockchain.
E) Maintain blockchain funding by utilizing previously built revenue streams and DAO fund adaptation routes.

Generational Wealth Society Official Links:

Website: https://gws.finance/
gitbook: https://generational-wealth-society.gitbook.io/generational-wealth-society/
Telegram: https://t.me/GWSfinance
Discord: https://discord.gg/zgam7ymgsJ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/GWS_Finance
Medium: https://medium.com/@GWSFINANCE

Contact Details: 

Name: James Osman
Email: [email protected]

To view the source version of this press release, please visit https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/120167

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