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Dublin, Ireland–(Newsfile Corp. – February 8, 2022) – The Management Accounts Fund Services PLC team is pleased to announce the latest IPO for an offer, the first of its kind to be listed on a public market. An IPO for OpenSea is making its way to the US markets.

OpenSea is the biggest marketplace for everything that is digitally collectable. From rare digital items and NFT’s to crypto collectables. OpenSea is literally an ocean of everything digital. Browse through collectables, game items, domain names, and even digital representations of physical assets. The easiest way to get a picture of OpenSea is to look at it as a combination of Amazon and eBay for digital objects and collectables.

In the report of Brian Roberts, the new CFO of OpenSea, the company is already profitable. However, going public would help the company to acquire companies, strike partnerships, and create joint ventures. These measures would help OpenSea expand into new industries, Roberts said.

Roberts mentioned that OpenSea’s profitability makes it easy to list the company. Bloomberg reported that while he feels it’s the “ground floor” for the NFT industry and OpenSea as well, he’s already been looking over the plans for its upcoming IPO.

He added that the company’s IPO plans would include the community’s involvement in the process.

According to the team’s Head of Mergers & Acquisitions, Michael J. Reed MRes/PhD, an impending macros tsunami of IPOs and record-breaking growth is imminent, even in the face of the “continuation of geopolitical and macro-economy policy changes or the furthering of tighter regulations” as suggested by the currently applicable market data.

The team believes that such growth will have a profound positive impact on the global markets in 2020, considering how IPO companies, such as Opeansea, the world’s top NFT marketplace has amassed an impressive number of users (over 600 million) over the years.

MAFS Vision

MAFS considers 2021 as best year for IPO volumes and listings in history. Quoting Dialogic Data, it explained that it hit 1,000 offerings in the last month of the year with a record $315 billion raised to justify the conclusion. In comparison, the biggest money raised previously was $200 million.

Michael J. Reed explained further why he’s passionate about another IPO record-breaking full market in 2022. In his words, MAFS is “seriously charged up about this year’s profit booking opportunities: real-time growth, Blue Chip revenue increases and production costs reducing due to Automation. The emerging Tech, EV, AI, IPOs and equity hedge have risen against any downside to negative interest rates and inflation.”

Without Macro-Tsunami or not, the team opined that a top-down asset selection process backed up with risk management and bottom-up technical analysis across all asset classes makes it easy for Forex, stocks, bonds, commodities, derivatives, financial instruments, and the crypto world to shift their attention to IPOs while newcomers such as OpenSea has positioned itself as the first NFT platform to be listed on an open market.


The MAFS-PLC explained that the company “provides portfolio management services and wide-ranging financial advice to their diverse client base. The brokerage firm is set to expand its global market share by opening new physical locations in central Europe and Southern Africa in 2022.”

The company has a proven track record in international asset allocation.

While explaining why the company is passionate about helping investors meet their goals, its Head of Mergers & Acquisition said: “The recent influx of investors has arisen directly from the pandemic and many people have claimed that they want to regain lost income because of the global shutdown. MAFS PLC has always been proud to serve a multitude of investors who want to start or grow their portfolios.”

Media Contact
Name: Holly Sullivan (International Press Officer)
Company: Managed Accounts Fund Services PLC
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.mafs-plc.com

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