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Metaverse Creation Platform Metaspace and SpaceY 2025 Closes A Series with $21 Million



San Jose, California–(Newsfile Corp. – November 23, 2021) –  Metaverse creation platform MetaSpace raised $21 million in tokens and equity in its latest Series A round with SpaceY 2025.

In the next 100 years, there will be two great migrations of mankind. One to space and planets like Mars. The other to a digital parallel world in the Metaverse. This will finally be another contribution to the continuation of civilization and to realize the immortality of life. MetaSpace is a metaverse creation platform and has recently released the first tower defense game created with MetaSpace, SpaceY 2025.

SpaceY 2025 not only excites many KOLs and 120,000 player and community fans worldwide, but also numerous high-profile investors. The 3D Metaverse sandbox game about colonizing and defending Mars raised a total of $21 million in tokens and equity in its recent series A round: Among them are Ash WSB, Draper Dragon, Formless Capital, Huobi Ventures and Magnus Capital – just to name a few.

For Robin Duan, founder of SpaceY 2025, the metaverse cannot be built using the original Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol Internet architecture. Through the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 protocols, it is possible to clarify ownership in the virtual world. “The Metaverse introduces a new universe where each of us can be the creator in this parallel world. The oasis in Ready Player One and cyberspace in Cyberpunk 2077 become reality,” says Robin, who has more than 20 years of experience in online games.

Dora Yue – Founder of OKEx Blockdream Ventures shares insights on GameFi and Metaverse and the reasons for investing in Spacey 2025:

“Axie Infinity soared violently from 0-3 billion in 3 years, a game to breed & battle with 1.85 million DAUs, which gamers could earn by Play. SpaceY 2025 is one of the most graphic examples of new-edge gaming experiences, where the community or game players could easily connect and own their property with NFTs, exploring the Mars LANDS and trading the valuable creations such as Martian assets and other digital items freely governed by its DAO.”

Harry Yin – Researcher from Huobi Ventures on why SpaceY 2025 was added to the portfolio as a Metaverse and GameFi project:

“The metaverse is the future of online gaming, and hardcore gamers have always expected it. Huobi Ventures decided to invest in SpaceY 2025 because it is a revolutionary project. It’s worth noting that the SpaceY 2025 team is one of the first teams to do a 3A project.”

Richard Wang – Partner of DraperDragon Fund about the investment in web3.0 and SpaceY 2025:

“Draper Dragon has invested in Web3.0 based on the belief that it is an essential new development. The Metaverse, as a new lifestyle of human civilization, will definitely be based on Web3.0. That’s why Draper Dragon invests in innovative projects that can bring the Metaverse further into everyday life – like SpaceY 2025.”

Jonathan Allen – Co-founder of Magnus Capital on the decision to fund SpaceY 2025:

“The Metaverse and GameFi have captivated an industry known for innovation. SpaceY 2025 aims to push those sectors to new heights with their beautiful game design, polished looks, and diverse ecosystem. Magnus Capital is honored to support a team as passionate and experienced as Blockfish on their journey.”

Ash – Founder of AshWSB sharing the reasons to invest in the Metaverse and the GameFi sector in general and SpaceY 2025 in particular:

“The metaverse is going to be the next innovative space bridging different opportunities across everyone whether it be social, finance or gaming sector. SpaceY 2025 is delivering the essential components to garner my attention as an impressive project.”

Juliet Su – Partner at New Tribe Capital explains what led them to allocation into the Metaverse and GameFi sector and SpaceY 2025:

“New Tribe Capital views the Metaverse and Gamify sector as one of the fastest growing sectors in the blockchain ecosystem for the next decade. SpaceY 2025 is a project that gamifies the blockchain by offering players incentives to earn while playing. (…) New Tribe Capital could not resist investing in such a revolutionary project.”

Văn Quân – Co-Founder Titans Ventures on Metaverse and SpaceY 2025:

“Metaverse is expected to be an attractive investment that will bring many great solutions to humanity. SpaceY2025 has an excellent vision and is built by a very well-trained team, which makes Titan Capital believe in the future success of Metaverse NFT Blockchain and opens more opportunities for crypto investors.”

Cecilia Li – Director of Formless Capital, explains the reasons for investing in SpaceY 2025, Metaverse and GameFi:

“Formless Capital believes GameFi can be one of the best opportunities for blockchain projects to finally achieve mass adoption and real use cases with solid, organic community engagement. Formless Capital has known the founder for many years and believes in his skills and experience. The studio has already launched very successful tower defense games. The Mars theme is also very appealing and the polished graphics and rendering quality will provide an advanced blockchain gaming experience.”

About SpaceY 2025

SpaceY’s vision is to become one of the leading open-source metaverse platforms that allows all players with or without programming skills to easily create independent games. That is how they want to realize their mission: use blockchain technology to inherit human culture genes and create a virtual parallel world based on a silicon-based civilization through NFT assets.

The investments will fund the further development of the SpaceY game series. A beta version was already published on the website in July 2021. The full version is expected for the end of November 2021. Additional versions for Steam and mobile gaming are planned for 2022. The team will continue to improve the game in order to offer its fans great and completely new gaming experiences while they are also benefiting financially through the “play-to-earn” concept.

More about SpaceY 2025

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Learn more about SpaceY 2025:

PR Contact
Website: Crypto World Seo
Contact:  Sweta Chatterjee
Email:  [email protected]
Telegram: @swetachatterjee

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OKX Proof of Reserves Ranked Highest Quality Among Major Exchanges as 11th Consecutive Monthly Reserves Report is Published




OKX, a leading global Web3 technology company and crypto exchange, has published its industry-best 11th consecutive monthly Proof of Reserves (PoR), showing balances of USD$11.2 billion in primary assets, as its PoR was given the highest quality rating among major exchanges.

OKX’s latest PoR comes days after Castle Island Ventures partner and blockchain and Proof of Reserves expert Nic Carter ranked OKX highest of all major centralized exchanges on its quality of Proof of Reserves. In his ranking, he cited OKX’s credibility, knowledge of leadership, demonstrated commitment to transparency and overall PoR quality as reasons for his positive assessment.

OKX’s PoR covers 22 commonly used digital assets and shows that OKX has maintained a reserve ratio exceeding 100% for 11 consecutive months across all those assets. In addition to BTC, ETH and USDT, the assets included are: USDC, XRP, DOGE, SOL, OKB, APT, DASH, DOT, ELF, EOS, ETC, FIL, LINK, LTC, OKT, PEOPLE, TON, TRX and UNI.

OKX’s current reserve ratios are as follows:

  • BTC: 102%
  • ETH: 103%
  • USDT: 102%

OKX Global Chief Commercial Officer Lennix Lai said: “With our 11th consecutive Proof of Reserves report, we are reaffirming our unwavering commitment to greater transparency and trust within the crypto industry. At OKX, we believe that integrity is the cornerstone of our success, and our PoR stands as a testament to our dedication to safeguarding user assets. As we approach a full calendar year of consecutive PoR releases, we have never been more committed to continuing to raise the bar for transparency in our sector.”

In August, OKX conducted two Twitter surveys to measure the sentiment of the online community with regards to the importance of PoR and transparency. Poll results showed that 84% of respondents say monthly PoR reports are either ‘somewhat important’ or ‘very important‘ and 88% state that transparency is either ‘somewhat important’ or ‘very important’ when choosing which crypto platform to trust.

OKX has seen hundreds of thousands of users engage with its PoR, visit its PoR page and view their self-audits since first launching its PoR page in late 2022. The open-source verification tool allows users to independently verify OKX’s solvency and confirm their assets are backed by OKX reserves while maintaining their privacy.

OKX has published over 210,000 addresses for its PoR program, and will continue to allow the public to view its asset flows.

Users can view the latest PoR report, reserve ratios, and verify OKX’s solvency here.

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ACX’s technology to power Indonesia Carbon Exchange




ACX (AirCarbon Exchange), operating its proprietary regulated environmental asset trading platform, is the technology provider for Indonesia’s carbon exchange hosted and operated by the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) after a competitive Request for Proposal process.

Launched on 26th September 2023, with its first carbon trades, Indonesia’s official carbon exchange, IDXCarbon, will play a vital role in reducing Indonesia’s carbon emissions and driving Indonesia’s transition to reach net zero emissions by 2060.

“With ACX support, IDXCarbon has reached a key milestone towards achieving net zero emission in 2060 or sooner. We anticipate a thriving and enduring collaboration with ACX that will continue to drive innovation and success, as the Indonesian carbon market develops.” said Iman Rachman, President Director of IDX

IDXCarbon has been customised by ACX to meet the country’s unique requirements, as well as aligned with Indonesian institutions, including the National Registry System for Climate Change Control (SRN-PPI). This will ensure the exchange is compliant with Indonesia’s standards and procedures, as well as the requirements recently established by the OJK, the country’s financial services authority. ACX provides a complete end-to-end solution that utilises blockchain technology to ensure the transparency and auditability of all trades transacted on the exchange. With that, the exchange will play a central role and promote transparency, accountability, and efficiency in the Indonesian carbon market.

“We are honoured to be the technology provider for Indonesia’s carbon exchange and to contribute towards the country’s vision of a fair and inclusive carbon ecosystem,” said Thomas McMahon, co-CEO and co-Founder of ACX. “Our end-to-end solution will enable the exchange to provide comprehensive services. This will make it easier for companies to access and participate in the carbon market, ultimately driving down Indonesia’s carbon emissions and contributing to global sustainability efforts.”

Hum Wei Mei, Head of APAC and Global Head of Environmental Products, said: “Indonesia has a critical role to play in international climate action while IDXCarbon is at the heart of ensuring that Indonesia’s carbon market progresses as envisioned. As the technology provider to IDXCarbon, ACX is committed to working closely with IDX to implement a highly customised, iconic and state-of-the-art carbon exchange which will act as critical supporting infrastructure for Indonesia’s long-term plans & interests in emissions trading, carbon markets & climate action.”

With a global footprint covering Asia, the Middle EastEurope, North and South America, ACX has demonstrated itself to be a leading technology provider with a proven track record of designing and implementing carbon trading system worldwide, leveraging the company’s expertise and experience to ensure a robust and reliable platform for trading environmental assets.

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Nex News Network Launches World’s First Blockchain-Integrated Web3 and Metaverse News Platform




Nex News Network, the pioneering media organization, is proud to announce the launch of its groundbreaking platform, revolutionizing the way news and media are consumed. This year marks a momentous milestone as Nex News Network becomes the world’s first-ever blockchain integrated, Web3, and Metaverse news and media platform. With a fusion of cutting-edge technology and visionary media strategies, Nex News Network is set to redefine the media landscape.


A New Era in Media Industry: Nex News Network’s Unique Offering

Nex News Network has embarked on an extraordinary journey to bring the future of media to the present. As a trailblazer in the industry, the platform integrates blockchain technology, Web3, and Metaverse, delivering an unparalleled experience to users. This year, Nex News Network establishes itself as the vanguard in news and media, providing a platform that seamlessly connects diverse sources of information, making them accessible from anywhere, on any device.


Innovative Media Revolution

Nex News Network introduces a unique animation concept that transforms the traditional news and media industry. With this innovation, the animation seamlessly integrates with media and news content, sparking a revolutionary shift in how information is consumed. This innovation not only redefines the media industry but also catalyzes a new era of interaction, engagement, and understanding.


Empowering Users and Advertisers

Nex News Network brings a new dimension to user experience by creating an integrated platform that caters to a diverse range of interests and categories. Users can explore validated blockchain content, industry news, directories, event information, technology updates, and more. For advertisers, Nex News Network offers direct access to their target audience, bypassing intermediaries and providing real-time performance data for smarter decision-making.

With its focus on blockchain integration, Web3, and Metaverse, Nex News Network embraces the future of digital content. The Metaverse, an advanced digital realm, complements the platform, creating immersive experiences through augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI). Nex News Network pioneers the way for this interconnected digital world, offering users a new dimension of engagement and exploration.


A Call to the Future

Nex News Network is poised to reshape the media industry by introducing blockchain integration, Web3, and Metaverse technology. Through its visionary leadership, dedication to user experience, and commitment to innovation, Nex News Network is laying the foundation for a new era in news and media consumption. As the world’s first blockchain-integrated Web3, and Metaverse news platform, Nex News Network stands ready to redefine the media landscape.


Setting the Stage with NexNews Network – A New Era in Media Consumption and Engagement

NexNews Network pioneers a transformative approach to media consumption, driven by innovation and led by a dedicated team. With a focus on user experience, NexNews Network creates a dynamic space where users can seamlessly access news and media sources from various categories, transcending traditional boundaries.


Visionary Leadership – Founder Aakash Jugraj and the Power of Innovation

Under the visionary leadership of Aakash Jugraj, NexNews Network has positioned itself as a trailblazer in the industry. Backed by the reputable Shivaksh Media Group of Companies, the platform represents a fusion of expertise and innovation that sets a new benchmark for media excellence.


Founder Aakash Jugraj – A Driving Force for Media Innovation

At the helm of NexNews Network is Founder Aakash Jugraj, a visionary entrepreneur with a deep-rooted commitment to revolutionizing the media landscape. His forward-thinking approach has driven the platform’s mission to redefine publication creation, distribution, and consumption using Web3, Blockchain & Metaverse technologies.of Companies.

Aakash Jugraj, the driving force behind NexNews Network, envisions a media ecosystem that champions transparency, authenticity, and user-centric experiences. His vision aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Shivaksh Media Group of Companies, creating a formidable alliance for media innovation.


Continuous Industry Evolution: NexNews Network’s Transformative Role

NexNews Network signifies a departure from traditional media models, offering a continuous industry experience that transcends conventional boundaries. The platform’s transformative capabilities make it a pioneering force in providing a new-age media ecosystem that empowers users with unparalleled access and engagement.


Technology at the Forefront: Nex News Network’s Secure and Transparent Platform

Technologically adept, NexNews Network harnesses the power of blockchain integration, Web3, and Metaverse to ensure the highest level of security, authenticity, and transparency. This technological synergy enables users to engage with news and media content with utmost confidence.


Personalized User Experience – NexNews Network’s Tailored Approach

Through NexNews Network, users will enjoy a distinctly personalized experience. The platform’s integration of blockchain technology ensures that users can consume news and media content that aligns precisely with their interests, fostering deeper engagement and resonance.


Empowering Advertisers: Nex News Network Effective Advertising Platform

Advertisers will benefit from NexNews Network’s innovative approach by accessing a tailored platform that enables direct engagement with their target audience. The blockchain integration ensures a transparent and effective advertising experience, enabling advertisers to refine their strategies based on real-time performance data.



NexNews Network is poised to play a pivotal role in the upcoming election season. With its unique blend of blockchain integration, Web3, and Metaverse, the platform will facilitate informed decision-making by providing accurate and transparent information to voters.

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