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New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – November 8, 2021) – Bitrise Crypto Coin Staking Process Coming soon – Bitrise crypto coin is now a topic that cannot be wished away in the crypto market today. The coin is doing so well that crypto experts call it the next Safemoon and Shiba Inu. There is so much about this crypto coin that makes it stand out from competitive coins in the market.

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The tokenomics of Bitrise crypto coin is one of the areas that it offers unmatched competition against even the current crypto giants like Safemoon. The coin has one of the most innovative and appealing tokenomics.

Bitrise crypto coin holders are guaranteed rewards in BNBs for holding tokens. They do not have to stake the coins to earn rewards. Out of the 4% of the 12% fee, the network charges on all token selling transactions is distributed to all token holders based on volumes invested.

But it is the staking process, which will launch at the end of November, that is eliciting a lot of talks. The anticipated staking process is among the reasons new members have joined Bitrise crypto coin, since the announcement.

The staking process simply means that investors will set aside some of their tokens or all their tokens to be used for the validation of the network transaction. In every transaction that is executed, a percentage of the change will be shared between staked coins. The network will have various pools where users can stake coins. The token holders have the right to choose which pool to join.

The exciting thing about the Bitrise crypto coin staking process is the amount of revenue that investors will be sharing. According to the revenue share program that will launch soon, 80% APY of all the revenues generated from the Bitrise network’s products will be shared. It will be in millions considering the volume of transactions.

The source of the staked Bitrise coin revenues is another factor that has attracted investors. The team says that the shareable revenues will come from all products, including Bitrise Audits, Techrate Audit, Bitrise dApp wallets, Bitrise exchange, and IBitrise blockchain. With such a huge revenue base, it means more money per token or token holder.

Apart from rewards from revenues generated and BNBs for holding crypto coins, Bitrise crypto coin investors will profit from the growth of coin value. Already, coin prices have been rising from the day the team announced the launching of the staking process.

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