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New York, New York–(Newsfile Corp. – November 3, 2021) – To make money in the crypto market, investors must invest in the most valuable. A good coin has the potential of multiplying in value within a very short time. Safemoon is, without a doubt, among the top tokens today. Many people, especially early investors, have made millions of dollars in profits from the Safemoon token.

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But investors need to pay more attention to the Bitrise coin, which is currently one of the toughest Safemoon competitors. A look at the performance of this coin since launching shows that this is a coin to watch. Since Bitrise launched around the end of July, the team has done an incredible job. One thing the team must be commended for is sticking to the roadmap.

Barely a month after the launch of the Bitrise token, Bitrise Audit Solutions was up and running as the first product. The program utilizes cutting-edge AI technology to offer free audits to smart contracts and blockchains to check for the proper functioning and security of these platforms. It has been a game-changer in audits, and hundreds of people have used it so far. Most tokens, including Safemoon, are not offering such a product.

The next product in the line was the Bitrise dApp wallet that enables users to send, receive, store and swap various coins, as well as add BEP20/ERC20 custom tokens. The wallet also supports P2P transactions. The team delivered the wallet as promised in the roadmap.

The mobile app wallet was released on 28th October 2021, and the Beta 2 version is currently available on Google Play Store for Android smartphones. Soon, the wallet will be available on the Apple App Store for iOS smartphones.

Bitrise wallet combines an intuitive interface with powerful functionality to give users a mind-blowing experience. Users can trade, play blockchain games, check prices, and surf charts, as well as accessing the latest DApps platforms without leaving the wallet. The dApp wallet secures digital assets with private keys, mnemonic phrases, password authentication, and more, making it one of the most secure wallets. With Bitrise Wallet, crypto traders will not need Trust Wallet.

The Bitrise team is currently in the process of launching the revenue sharing staking programs, and the staking process is starting at the end of November. All these are moves that have made Bitrise very aggressive towards Safemoon and other coins competitors.

The latest announcement that has taken the coin competitiveness a notch higher is the development of the Bitrise exchange. This is one of the products in the token’s roadmap. Note that Safemoon is also working on an Exchange, but Bitrise exchange will be superior, which will definitely make the token more competitive.

Bitrise exchange will offer lower transaction fees, 2FA/SMS security, which is a very secure verification system, and high-speed transactions. Users will also have access to thousands of tokens because, as mentioned above, the wallet supports multiple blockchains. Bitrise exchange will offer one of the best user experiences upon launching, which will make the token more aggressive towards Safemoon, and other competing coins.

Bitrise exchange will launch in the second last stage as per the roadmap. But this wouldn’t be that long, considering the pace at which the team is getting things done. From the details provided by the team, it is definitely an exchange to watch.

The news coming from the Bitrise team is that they have started extensive research on Relay Chain and Parachains. The news was welcomed by investors as it will be a game-changer in DeFi. Incorporating this blockchain technology in the Bitrise network will make it more powerful than Safemoon and many other competing crypto projects.

Widely used Polkadot network, Relay Chain, and Parachains have been found to improve blockchain networks’ scalability, interoperability, and flexibility. With the parachain model, a network can achieve scalability at Layer-1 rather than the most common Layer-2 solution. Therefore, it is a move that will make the coin more competitive in the crypto market.

There is no doubt that the Bitrise crypto project is something to watch in 2021. Compared in terms of products and tokenomic with most tokens, including Safemoon, Bitrise has proven superior in both.

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