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Tbilisi, Georgia–(Newsfile Corp. – October 28, 2021) – Boorio ($ORIO), a new cryptocurrency is pleased to announce its launch. It aims at allowing users to generate income through their suite of social applications on iOS and Android devices.

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The concept of Boorio is to bring cryptocurrency to the masses and help onboard new users in a quick and easy way. While there are numerous strategies that an organization can use to increase the rate at which users adopt crypto, user familiarity is a sure way of speeding up this process.

Filling the gap between social media and gaming apps

Boorio provides the bridge between the familiar; the social media and gaming apps, and the new; cryptocurrency! The social media app was developed as a way to earn $ORIO coins whilst watching and interacting with videos posted on the app. Creators can also earn $ORIO coins when their videos receive likes and comments. The app gave the chance for people to earn whilst using social media.


The Instacoins app has been developed as a way for users to earn $ORIO tokens when they upload content to the app. The more videos a user posts and the more likes they get the more money they will earn. For each like a user receives on their videos they will earn $ORIO. If a user doesn’t want to create videos they can enjoy all the great content as they would for free on any other social media site.

Gaming Apps

Table fees will be distributed to the holders of the token which further incentivizes the holding of the token. There will be tables for different tokens that players can join e.g. There will be a $BTC Table, a $FIBO table and $ORIO table etc.

When a player sets up a table to play with others they will have to pay a small fee and small fees on each pot table. These fees will be collected and distributed weekly to Boorio Holders. Players can earn crypto with each win they have when playing the gaming app.

They are playing against each other and not the app, so this makes it much easier for players and for Boorio.

Value Proposition

The value proposition for holders of the $ORIO token is obvious as you will gain on two levels:

1. Capital appreciation of the token price as more users are on boarded and buy the tokens to play the apps

2. Rewards for holding $ORIO tokens and getting a percentage of the fees on the gaming apps and also a percentage of the 10% tax when new users buy the $ORIO token


Liquidity Pool: 5%
Automatic redistribution for FibSwap holders: 2%
Rewards for Boorio holders: 2%
Team & Marketing: 1%

Launched: 26th of October 2021

Media Contact –

Company: FibSWAP DEx / Boorio
Website: https://www.boorio.com
Telegram: https://t.me/booriosupport
Twitter: https://twitter.com/boorioofficial
E-mail: [email protected]

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