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Rosedale, California–(Newsfile Corp. – October 24, 2021) – Altbase – the new token offering on BSC and mobile altcoin exchange, has announced that the completion of the migration from 100xCoin to $ALTB will be coming to an end, and the new smart contract will be going live on Oct 25th.

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Altbase Token

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The token is officially going live for buys from October 25th and will be initially available on the Altbase application and PancakeSwap, with additional exchange listings planned soon after. The time of launch will be announced 2 hours before, to prevent sniping.

The $ALTB Token Contract Address

The address for the new $ALTB token – 0x9b3a01f8b4abd2e2a74597b21b7c269abf4e9f41.

New Token – New Tokenomics

The previous hyper-inflated tokenomics for the 100XCoin were not suited for the use case that Altbase has planned for the native token. The overall supply will be reduced pro-rata from 877 Trillion, to 935 million coins approximately.

The new token and associated tokenomics will be built for utility, to be an effective trading pair with other tokens inside the Altbase platform. Transaction fees will also be significantly reduced to 2% for all transactions.

As part of the tokenomics changes for the Altbase token, there will be a remaining amount to be utilized by the development team, of which could potentially be used for buybacks on the new Token after the launch has taken place on Oct 25th.

$ALTB Token – A Native Utility Token

Altbase aims to be the first stop when investors are seeking to buy altcoins and a leading altcoin exchange on the level with the biggest in the industry. The purpose of $ALTB is to provide effective pairing with the altcoin selection inside the mobile application. The $ALTB token is aimed to be used as a utility token within the app for purchases, and eventually will be adopted as a native currency pairing option with other altcoins and meme coins listed within the exchange.

The application itself is also seeing a development upgrade with an overhauled user interface and additional informational product page, with details soon to be released about this upgrade.

New projects are continually being listed to the app, with many that are currently unavailable on other exchanges. The premise is, by utilizing $ALTB as a token that can effectively pair with these coins and tokens, volume is driven to the $ALTB token itself.

How To Purchase $ALTB

The new Token smart contract will have liquidity added to PancakeSwap V2 on the launch day of Oct 25th – the same day it will be listed on the Altbase application. Easy purchasing of various tokens inside the app is a goal for the community team, as such, the token will be available to buy with BNB, using the in-built payment system and a debit or credit card.

Altbase.com – The Home of Altcoins

The new website has experienced a complete revamp and is more streamlined than the previous version, with an easier-to-navigate user interface for users. The site was built by Coinpresso – a leading crypto marketing agency that specialise in advertising, SEO and building optimized websites for the crypto industry.

Included with the redevelopment is a selection of informational listed coins pages for projects that have partnered with Altbase and tokens that are listed within the app. Each one of these pages has been designed to give users and potential investors with information about the projects listed on the app, to assist with their purchasing decisions.

Future Plans

Altbase is focused on continually improving and growing the platform to always enhance the user experience while also providing more choice for investors seeking to buy altcoins and meme coins.

Altbase as a service is striving to be an easy, straightforward experience with a streamlined approach to all of their individual products and the current rebranding efforts, as well as the token migration from the brand is a significant step to achieving this goal.

The app is available to download on mobile now, for iOS and Android.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AltbaseApp
Discord: https://t.co/Xv26mj66HH?amp=1

Media Contact:

Curtis Ramsay
[email protected]

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