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Vancouver, British Columbia–(Newsfile Corp. – January 6, 2021) –  Extreme Vehicle Battery Technologies Corp. (CSE: ACDC) (the “Company” or “EV Battery Tech“) is pleased to announce the specifications for the upcoming launch of its IoniX Pro Home Smart WallTM (the “Home Smart WallTM“).

The Company announced the unveiling of the IoniX Pro Smart Wall Series last week and is now proud to release the details of its upcoming launch of the Home Smart WallTM, which has been built to compete and potentially outperform its rivals, such as Tesla’s Powerwall.

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“Years of research and development have been spent not only developing our smart wall technology, but analyzing the battery market as a whole,” said EV Battery Tech CEO Bryson Goodwin. “The battery market is just in its infancy, and with our blockchain technology focused on analyzing millions of batteries performance and maintenance, we are confident that our system will perform well in the market once launched.” The following chart compares the anticipated specifications of our Home Smart WallTM against those of the Tesla Powerwall.

IoniX Smart Wall Tesla Powerwall
Capacity 15 kwh 13.5 kwh1
Dimensions 1228 x 755 x 1802 1150 x 755 x 1552
Monitoring Detailed Basic
Remote Repair Remote Maintenance & Repair N/A
Battery Cell Lithium Ion – Lishen Lithium Ion – Tesla
Cost (USD) $5,5003 $6,500


The Home Smart WallTM will not only have a state-of-the-art iOS and Android application to remotely control and monitor your home, but it will offer first-of-a-kind remote battery monitoring, maintenance, and repair4.

“Our system is the only product in the market that is able to remotely analyze and repair your battery system” said Mr. Goodwin. “The way the market works now is if one of your battery cells goes down, it jeopardizes the entire string of cells. Think of lights on a Christmas tree – when one burns out, the whole string goes out even though 99% of remaining bulbs are perfectly functional. This was true for power walls, until the Home Smart WallTM!”

To view the source version of this press release, please visit https://www.newsfilecorp.com/release/71444

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