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Friday 3rd July – San Francisco, CA. Today, Dock Systems Inc, a blockchain company specializing in verifiable credentials announced that they will be releasing the Danforth testnet at the end of July and are seeking partnerships with validators.

Further to the release of the Northill testnet and completion of the company’s schema and interop milestones, Dock is moving to the next stage of our development – the decentralization of the infrastructure on which Dock runs.

Until now, the sentry and validator nodes that power the current test network are provided entirely by Dock. However, the Danforth test network will see validators and Dock combining to provide the infrastructure that powers the network.

Speaking of the impending release, CEO Nick Lambert said: “Validators will play an essential role in the Dock Network and we are seeking expressions of interest from validators who wish to share in Dock’s vision to put the user and issuer fully in control of their credentials without the need for any centralized systems.”

Validators wishing to express their interest in joining the Dock Network should complete this short online form or visit the company’s validator docs for further information.

About Dock Systems Inc: Dock provides a range of tools incorporating blockchain technology that enables businesses and developers to create verifiable claims solutions. Formed in 2017, Dock is a remote company with a globally spread and multi-cultural team.

Contact: Nick Lambert, CEO.

Source: RealWire

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