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Leading Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Startup  Advisor, Founder of Global Fundraising And Advisory Network, and Founder & Host of iBlock TV –  YouTube, specialized in covering tech startups ecosystem to moderate Blockchain-related panel discussion at PICANTE TECH Conference Europe 2019.


PICANTE TECH Conference Europe is surely setting a trend for boutique-style tech events and is bringing together the large names of several industries in Prague for a full day of learning and networking.

The inaugural PICANTE TECH Conference Europe (TCE2019), will take place in Prague on the 3rd of September at Vienna House Andel’s Prague. You can REGISTER HERE!

As announced earlier, the conference will host several panel discussion with leading experts of industries such as Blockchain, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technology, Cybersecurity, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and more.

The Blockchain-related panel discussion will reveal some of the most vital information around the industry and is strategically titled “The Growing Use of Blockchain by Start-ups and SMEs”.

The confirmed experts that will join the panel discussion are Alexandra Karpova (Co-Founder & CEO at Millennium Communications), Capt.L.C. Arrigo GARIPOLI (Founder at BlueQbit), Dean Rakic (Blockchain expert and advisor) and last but not least Tomáš Žilavý (Solution Sales Representative at IBM Global Markets).

With such an expert lineup, the discussion deserves the best moderator when it comes to discussing Blockchain related matters and that moderator comes in the shape of Dushan Spalevich, Founder & CEO at iBlock TV.

Dushan Spalevich is a Serial Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and Startup Advisor.

At only 25 years, Dushan became the youngest manager responsible for a country business operation of an FMCG multinational company SC Johnson, managing Slovenian market.

Dushan co-founded a self-funded startup project in Russia and managed it as a CEO to become the biggest segment company with more than 250 employees.

Today, he is a founder of iBlock Capital  – Global Fundraising And Advisory Network, and Founder & Host of iBlock TV –  YouTube, specialized in covering tech startups ecosystem.

Dushan graduated at Natural Science and Mathematics High School and holds a bachelor’s degree of Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Dushan lived and worked in several countries and can communicate in 7 different languages.

PICANTE Tech Conference Europe is designed to bring both people and knowledge together and provides the excellent ecosystem of networking and learning opportunities without interruptions with emphasis on comfort and communication. After learning from genuine world-class experts and wayseers, meeting achievers shaping the B2B ecosystem, all attendees will get the chance to grab a drink and relax while networking at the evening social gathering.