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ArcBlock, a leading blockchain application platform and ecosystem, has released DApps Workshop, an easy to use developer tool that gives developers, businesses and product managers an easy way to build prototypes and POCs to validate different DApp scenarios.  Before writing a single line of code, developers can simulate an application that includes different authentication standards, use of a mobile wallet to log in or easily build transaction models to simulate different transfer scenarios that help validate a specific use case.

With this launch, DApps Workshop solves a very important problem for blockchain developers – how to test and validate the use of decentralized identityin an application scenario. For example, how can a developer easily test the use of a decentralized identity mobile wallet to login to an app, or how to validate transactional activity including the transfer of assets between users and more easily without costly development or writing code.

Starting today, DApps Workshop allows anyone to easily build their POC in just a few minutes to test and experience different decentralized identity authentication and transaction scenarios for Forge-built applications without needing to write any lines of code saving time, developer hours and making it easy to immediately validate a use case.  Some of the supported activities in the Workshop include:

  • Trade-related transactions
  • Prebuilt workflows and process/rules for all supported Tx types including multi-transaction scenarios
  • DID-based authentication including identity Types, DSA (Digital Signature Algorithm) algorithms and Hash functions
  • Configurable metadata
  • Defining required claims including profiles and agreements
  • ABT Wallet mobile authentication

“From day 1, we’ve been focused on creating a platform that helps developers build, manage and deploy DApps easily and making blockchain more accessible to a much larger developer audience.   DApps Workshop is an invaluable developer tool that solves a real problem for any app builder. Today’s blockchain developer doesn’t have an easy way to test and validate their applications without writing a lot of code,” said Tyr Chen, VP of Engineering.  “By using Workshop, developers can now work with business sponsors and developer teams to easily define, create and test different POCs that incorporate trade-specific transactions, claims and decentralized identity and mobile wallet scenarios locally without writing one line of code.  What used to take days or even weeks to test can now be done in minutes and hours.”

DApps Workshop will be available starting today through ArcBlock’s ABT Chain Node and Forge CLI.  Forge Workshop is designed to support any application build on ArcBlock’s recently launched Forge Blockchain Application Framework and Forge SDKs.  Using Forge SDK, developers have everything they need code, manage and deploy their DApps including support for multiple languages like Python, Java, Javascript, Android, and iOS, as well as a blockchain backend, rich developer interface, diversified wallet system and the most transaction protocols support by any blockchain platform. When ready, developers can then begin testing their DApps with users and other parties using their own test chains, and lastly join the ABT Network to make their DApp publicly available.


Forge Blockchain Application Framework – the easiest way to build, deploy and manage DApps.

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