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The major meeting event of innovation ecosystem “Turkey Innovation Week” which contributes to evolvement of innovation concept in Turkey, is held on 3-4 May 2019 at Istanbul by Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM).

The event has experience areas, conferences, workshops and exibihitions focusing on innovation which brings global and Turkish professionals together whom are creating difference in innovation.

Rising E-Exports With Added Value of Innovation
For enhancing digital transormation in exports, 13 different digitalization in export projects are planned for 2019. Starting from May 2019, digital exports would be supported by paper free exports system. With the new digital exports system, 154 exports paper work would be processed digitally and exporters would send their additional demands throughout the system. Digitalization in exports aim to shorten export processes and increase exports numbers. 2019 have been announced as “Sustainability and Innovativeness” year in exports, aiming to reach 182 billion dollars export number as anticipated in New Economy Program. With the continuing innovative developments in exports, 2019 export targets would be surpassed, already the first quarter exports values 44 billion and 567 million dollars, increasing 3,3% compared to 2018.

Creating Difference With Innovation
“Turkey Innovation Week”, major meeting event of innovation ecosystem, has been organized since 2012 and hosted 400 thousand visitors till now. This year the event continues to gather many global speakers, sector’s professionals, academicians and students. Speakers will be sector’s global professionals such as Shazam Founding Partner Chris Barton, National Geographic CTO Marcus East, Nasa’s Former Rocket Scientist Kevin J Debruin, Estonia’s Former President Toomas Hendrik Ilves and many more.

The panels will be focusing on innovation in Turkey and contribution on e-exports. The panels are “Defence Industry: The Multiplying Effect in Technology”, “Life Enhanching Innovation”, “Innovation and Future in Turkey“, “From Digital to Production Transformation: New Horizons in the Industry”, “New Route of Exports: Price to Information Competition” and “Innovation in Finance: Fintech and Blockchain Technologies”. The innovation champions of 2018 are going to be announced at “Inovalig” prize ceremony.”World E-Commerce Forum” which is an international organization that contributes to Turkey’s production power and capacity via enhanging e-exports, would be held in accordance with the event.


SOURCE Turkey Promotion Group (TPG)

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